Sunday, September 29


I know, it's been two weeks! But it has a been crazy two weeks. We are still working on our bathrooms and FINALLY the plumbing has been fixed. Although now the floor is ripped up in one bathroom and a whole in the wall in the other bathroom. We have had 3 people come over to look at the situation and give us quotes. Unfortunately most of them aren't available for another couple weeks...and so we sit with partial use of the bathrooms. We've also tried, unsuccessfully, multiple times to shop for new tile but the kids spend the entire time running through the store, hiding in/around/behind the tile that we end up leaving before any decisions are made.

The tub is working again.This bathroom has also gained a shower!

And we are saying good-bye to this pink/peach tile. I know you're thinking
it's just a little too beautiful to destroy ;)

Let's see what else...we are rolling into October enjoying some fantastic weather. Craig played softball in Oconomowoc yesterday and dare I say, I got a little sun! It seems like we are always running errands and trying to tie up any loose ends that have been left over from summer.

Last week, Drew came down with a fever for a day and a half followed with a cough for a day and a half. And with twins, it's  "wash, rinse, repeat" syndrome so Kelsey started her fever as Drew was finishing his cough. We made it through with no big issues.

The kids personalities are so interesting lately. Kelsey is such a sweet, sensitive, polite, talkative girl who spins around the living room telling us she's a princess. Drew is a loud, jumping, dirt-finder who loves anything with wheels that moves. He's definitely not as polite but sensitive to feelings especially when others are sad or sick. The sitter's grandson came home from school with a migraine and Drew told me every day for a week that Jimmy was sick...and then all better!

Some silly kids. Go figure Drew was actually trying to irritate Kelsey by pushing her
off the bench.

Diva all dressed up to run errands with mom. Her hair is so pretty
and healthy since I cut about 2 inches off the back.

Thursday, September 12

It's A....

BOY! My brother and sister-in-law are having a sweet little baby boy. We are so excited - let the spoiling begin! We are already talking about the baby shower, picking a day to help them register, and happily handing down as much of our baby things as they will take:-)  The time will go fast now with all the holidays coming up.

These silly kids got to wear their "if you mustache..." shirts one
more time. And Auntie Tara got them hooked on walking on the treadmill!