Saturday, July 30


It appears as though the babies heard their doctor say they *should* be eating 25-40oz. a day. Let me back-track and recap the 4 month appt where the pediatrician was surprised the babies weren't drinking 4oz at each feeding and still managed to gain 4lbs. They eat 6-7 times a day, drinking 3.5oz each feed and we end up under the 25oz minimum per day. I had been sending an extra bottle to the babysitter for her to give them more if they seemed hungry after they finished. Some days the extra bottle was empty, some days she didn't even use it - whatever, some days I'm more hungry than others! So since the appt Tuesday, I've been giving them 4oz in every bottle but there have been times where chubby Drew needs a second helping! He's such a dude:) Baby girl doesn't usually need more and at times doesn't finish the 4oz so we will give it to Drew. Maybe he'll be the "plate-finisher". Which means he'll eat everything on his plate and anything anyone leaves on theirs! That would mean he takes after ME:) I love food, getting "seconds", and eating off other's plates -haha!

With that I will leave you some new pics of the chubby bunnies;)

Wednesday, July 27

No Food :(

The babies had their 4 month appt yesterday. Everything looks good but my hopes for getting the green light to start cereal this week were knocked down. She told me to really wait until they are "actually" 4 months old, which is September. I guess I forget that they are really only 2mo and 3wks old. The doctor was a little surprised that they only eat 3.5 oz at each feeding AND gained 4lbs in 2 months. So Drew grew the most! That chubby bunny weighs11lbs 8oz and is 23.5 in. long. He's been eating like crazy the last 2 wks. Kelsey is 11lbs 8.5oz and 23 in.  The doctor was happy with how healthy they look and how much they gained but I got the impression that she'd like us to be feeding them more with each bottle; because she gave us more samples of the high calorie formula:)  I was always a little reserved about adding more to the bottle because if they didn't finish it, we would have to throw it away - and I'm not about to waste any precious breast milk. But last night and this morning I added an extra .5oz to the bottles and they drank it all.

The babies also had to get shots again. One of the medications in the shot burns when it goes in; Drew was the first one to get it and he has SUCH a high pitched scream that it scared Kelsey and she started to cry before she even got her shot!! So I had to calm her down and make her smile before she was inflicted with the pain:(  Just a little crying and they were over it.

I'm very much looking forward to having no plans Saturday. We don't have many weekend days to ourselves before Craig goes back to school and summer will be over. Hopefully we will continue to have nice weather through September.

Sunday, July 24


We had a wonderful weekend in the Chicago suburbs celebrating our friend's wedding. Craig and I took off of work on Friday to pack the kids up and take them to my mom's and we were able to get a jump start on the rehearsal festivities. It rained A LOT down there - so much that the bride and groom's basement flooded Thursday and Friday night. But they are such calm easy-going people we wouldn't have even known if the best man didn't bring it up.  The rain held up for the important events Saturday - it was even sunny after the ceremony while they were taking pictures. It was my first time away from the kids overnight. I was excited to be with friends and enjoy our weekend with no baby responsibilities! I survived being away from them, only they did not sleep through the night for my mom - sassy babies:)

And today when we went to pick up the kids, we celebrated my sister's golden birthday; it's actually tomorrow, along with the babies turning 4 months old! I can't wait to see how much they've grown.

Tuesday, July 19

It's not the heat, it's the HUMIDITY!

It has been a bummer the past couple days having to watch the sunny days from inside the house. I had the babies all to myself from Friday to Sunday while Craig was in Stevens Point playing softball. My mom spent half of Saturday with us because I was on call and later we went to Annie's house for some adult interaction:) This weekend we are looking forward to spending the weekend in Arlington Heights/Palentine IL for a friend's wedding. We will be leaving the kids with my mom. The babies just keep getting more and more interactive, talking to us, laughing, playing with their tongues. They have been eating more, especially Drew who has been looking for more food after each bottle!

Friday, July 15

Together....or not

I realize that I have rare photos of the babies together. It's pretty hard to get them to cooperate at the same time so I usually just take pics of whoever decides to play along! And lately it's Drew because he's been so smiley:) Kelsey would rather eat and be held. My goal this weekend is to try to get more shots of them hanging out together...

Tuesday, July 12

Shhh...the babies are sleeeeeeeeeeeping!

Not to jinx a good thing, but the babies have been sleeping thru the night since Thursday - as in drinking their last bottle of the night around 8:30 and sleeping until 5 or later. And neither one of us woke up to check on the babies! We slept as long as they did. There wasn't any special trick - their bedtime routine is to change into sleep sacks/swaddles and turn the lights down while we feed them their bottles. When they finish, we just put them to bed. They go to sleep pretty easy - there might be a couple minutes of grunting but usually we can pop a pacifier in their mouth until they settle down and fall asleep.

They have been so pleasant and awake after their morning bottles, watching TV or smiling at us when we talk to them. Drew is certainly more smile-y; Kelsey "looks" happy, smiles less, but is more observant. We have been enjoying Craig's early evening softball games, getting outside in the nice weather. Otherwise we are loving summer and hanging with our friends. In less than 2 weeks we will be celebrating our friends' marriage, my sister's golden birthday, and turning 4 months old!

Saturday, July 9


This weekend Craig attended his college friend's bachelor party in Lake Geneva. Of course it started fairly early Saturday and was sure to end very late that night. So I asked my sister to spend the weekend with me to help my sanity! We were able to do some garage sale damage, collecting items for next year. And then we sat outside, getting a little tan for the upcoming wedding. Typically when Tara stays in Milwaukee, we order take-out from our favorite Asian restaurant but after watching multiple Olive Garden commercials we decided to take the kids and eat there. The whole day was going really well until we left the restaurant. Kelsey and Drew both started whining on the ride home so we HAD to take a walk to get custard:) And tomorrow we get to celebrate our favorite twins' 3rd birthday! We are praying for great weather.

Wednesday, July 6

Bath Time

I realized the last time we took pictures of the babies during a bath was in the NICU - and they were not too fond of them. Lately I've watched them grow to enjoy their time in the water, figuring out they can splash around and the only crying comes when I take them out. We would finish bath time and I would say, "I gotta get pictures of them soon." But it took some time for me to remember to bring the camera with me and to get over the fear of having the camera around water!

Monday, July 4

Cheers, America

What a great 3-day weekend! The weather has been fantastic; we attended a grad party, birthday party, 4th of July party, and a kids parade. Three weeks until their 4 month appt. Can't wait to see how much they've grown! Hope everyone had a great weekend too.
Drew sleeping like a big boy in our bed while we get ready for the graduation party.

Trying to get a picture of both babies together...

Kelsey in her pretty dress; it's the first one that fit her!