Thursday, November 5

Oh, Hello November

November just sneaks right up on you once you've finished Halloween! Thankfully (re: sarcasm) the kids both changed their mind about Halloween costumes about mid-month. I was all set to make Drew into a monster truck driver and convert his powerwheels truck into the Gravedigger. And then he drops on me that he wants to be Mario, actually Mario Kart Wii. (He was Luigi last year). I was gonna tell him, "hey this is life and you made a decision already and I bought stuff for it," but then I remembered our friend's kids LOVE to dress up and she has basically EVERY boy costume you can think of. Sure enough, they actually had 2 Mario costumes. So he still drove his powerwheels, which I think he thought was still part of his costume because of the Wii game. He did not trick-or-treat Saturday night with our friends because he was getting over an icky stomach bug.

Kelsey had originally told me she wanted to be Molly, from the Bubble Guppies so I bought some fabric for my mom to create the costume. She would have to spray her hair pink, all very exciting things for a little girl. Then our sitter gives Kelsey a couple cute princess dresses to play dress-up in and she tells me that she wants to be one of those for Halloween. Seriously. I told her since we were going to 2 days, she could be on of each. She totally rocked each outfit!

Kelsey with some neighborhood kids - she's all the way over to right,
in pink, of course! This was Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon  by my mom; much better weather than Saturday.
Drew and his cousin, Benson

Someone was handing out candy canes!

Seriously, this kid is cute!

She's wearing a "fin" skirt, rocking some sparkly pink shoes - Kelsey heaven.

The view on our last leg of trick-or-treating in Beechwood