Friday, April 8

Party Time and 5 yr Appt

Well of course we had to celebrate with friends and family! And sure enough, it snowed that day. And then it was sunny. And then blizzardy snow. I guess that's what you get with Spring in Wisconsin! We had such a nice time with everyone and it's great to see what little people Kelsey and Drew are becoming at 5.

The kids had their check-up yesterday and the only thing that surprised me was their weight. I probably would have bet anyone that Kelsey is a good 3lbs heavier than Drew. In reality, it came down to half a pound difference and half an inch in height. They are right around 38 lbs and 43in. Drew's eye test was on the cusp of seeing a specialist. I think he sees things just fine; he was cheating and telling Kelsey the letters during her test! He got a little nervous when he didn't answer one right and then shut down. Obviously if things change or we notice something, we'll have him checked again. They did get a high five for going a whole year without seeing the pediatrician.

Now we are patiently waiting for Spring to show up; followed by a nice Summer! Craig is coaching Drew's "rookie" league baseball team that starts this week. Kelsey will finish up rec ballet and then has been asked to join company team ballet, which starts in July. And of course getting some swim lessons in;)

Someone gets a little shy when on the spot!

This kid doesn't discriminate! First a blue cupcake, then a pink one!

Our ham!

We are a house divided!

Cousins ;)