Sunday, March 30

"Mom, Feel My 'Eyebows'"

The kids ended up with runny noses after their birthday party. But Kelsey seems to have it worse as she asked for medicine and to check her "eyebows" which I found to mean, put my hand on her forehead to feel if she's feverish. I really have to bite my tongue because she is just the CUTEST when she says it - so serious and will even lay down to really get into the role! Of course the runny noses were right on cue for pictures on Tuesday :( Same scenario as last year but they definitely felt yuckier last year for pictures. We took the kids on their first road trip since potty training began. Craig decided to bring Drew's potty chair because he is still weird about peeing in public restrooms. Drew LOVED seeing the "L" trains overhead as we headed to Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago. He also told us that the tall buildings were "too big"! We stopped twice on the way down for potty breaks. Good thing we learned our lesson from last years photo session and planned all along to do pictures indoors. The wind and cold were nasty in Chicago on Tuesday and I think all parties involved were much happier to be running around inside the Cultural Center.

Leftover cake from the party was just as fun celebrating on their actual
Birthday. Drew did not wait to blow his candle out:)

Random turkeys in the yard

Grandma's bday is the day after the twins, so we celebrated this
weekend with the family.

Couldn't wait for Christy to do her post on the blog; here is a sneak
peek from our session with her! So excited to see the rest!! 

Monday, March 24

It's My Party

We celebrated the twins 3rd birthday this weekend. It some convincing for the kids that Kelsey's birthday was the same as Drew's and vice versa, AND that they would be at each other's birthday. For real kids, I didn't think it would cause such drama. I was trying to prep them all week for the party, knowing that they are not used to rooms full of people - so every night I would list off the guests. But when great-grandma and grandpa showed up with my mom and step-dad, Kelsey lost it. Big sobs, we had to go get all of her favorite teddy bears and her blanky to make it all better. As soon as the kids showed up, it was all good. This year was more fun because they definitely understood what a birthday party was and as parents, Craig and I didn't have to be "on" the kids the whole time; making sure they were fed, changed, had something to drink. There was certainly more independence as far as the kids just doing their thing.

They were potty training accident-free for a whole week and Craig and I both secretly predicted there would be a mishap at the party. And there was! But thanks to an awesome sister-in-law, it was like it never happened! On the flip side, they woke up 2 days in a row with dry beds - Drew then informed me he gets cake for that:)

So the kids' independence brought upon a crazy gift opening scene. They had opinions about which present they wanted to open and in what order and if they wanted to stop opening and play with that toy! But we got through and haven't lost any pieces yet! It was such a fun day and we're still eating cake:) Score!

Tomorrow is their actual birthday. We will be travelling to Chicago for pictures and the promise of visiting Garrett's Popcorn Shop. I think that will be the bribe to keep them calm and happy for photos with our favorite photographer, Christy!

My ham used to be it seems to be Kels. Oh yea, they got bikes for their birthday and yea, they drive them in the house;) And that is Auntie's beer next to Kelsey's cupcake. She's pretty certain beer is for daddies.
Who doesn't love a baby pirate?? Sweetest little man ever!

Sunday, March 16

Crying Wolf

So...the wonderful world of potty training. We've been at it a full week and it's going okay. We used M & M's as a potty reward (a couple of potty training articles I read said to reward DRY pants, but every time I asked Kelsey if her pants were dry, she said no - sigh) and the sly dog Drew is, he began to figure out my system! He would get himself on the potty, stand up and say, "I peed, get nem and nems." But...he wasn't actually peeing; he has an affinity for chocolate, so the fact that there were candies readily available to him was a dream!

They still refuse pull ups at night. Drew woke up 3 mornings DRY, but also woke up in the middle of the night to pee. Kelsey has been dry only one morning. She has proven to be the heavier sleeper; I always thought Drew held that title between them. She is much more efficient about waking up, from nap or in the morning, and going straight to the potty. She also refuses undies, yep lots of commando over here! Drew totally surprised us Friday night and asked to put underwear on; and so I promised him a cake as a reward, thinking Kelsey would get on board since she has a Texas-sized sweet tooth. No go.

The last accident I believe was Wednesday at the sitters. We decided to take them out in public yesterday and today. Of course both said they had to "go" as soon as we got there. Kelsey is a public-restroom-champ, and Drew *thinks* he is going because the automatic toilet flush. Then we get home and he pees like he hasn't for a day!

Drew helping Craig remove the toilet to put tile down.

Mr. Fix it

Chillin' before bed, munching on pickles. Drew just licked his a couple times and
 then Kelsey ended up eating it.

Tuesday, March 11

Double Whammy

Potty training and daylight savings, all in one weekend - I did not plan that accordingly. One positive, Craig had yesterday off so he had extra time to figure out how the mornings are going to go now that we will be putting the kids on the potty before he gets out the door. Let's just say he doesn't multi-task as efficiently as I had Friday off and not knowing when I would have another 3 day period to stay home with kids, I pulled the trigger, bit the potty-training bullet I had been avoiding. I was reading some mom-blogs, googled potty training 100 times, reminded Kelsey and Drew over and over the week before that when the diapers are gone - that's it; they don't make anymore. We talked A LOT about being "big kids" and then they say, "no, I'm Kelsey/Drew". 

Soooooooooo...Friday morning came and Kelsey cried the first half an hour for diapers. Drew chose to do this: 

No bottoms - no underwear or pants. But he made it to the potty every time. Well he kind of "lived" on the potty all day Friday. Even had me move is potty to the coffee table so he could play.

Day 1: Kelsey had 5 accidents. She only made it to the potty twice. Drew had no accidents and was appearing to understand the when-to-go-on-the-potty feeling. Overall the day was long but I didn't feel defeated. Neither kids wanted to wear underwear...not sure why.
This picture is pretty fuzzy - Kelsey kept moving while I was taking the picture to say "cheese". This was Saturday. Now day 2 Drew is sitting with no pants because he had more accidents than the first day. It seemed that once he put pants on, it didn't bother him as much to pee his pants. Kelsey on the other hand was working the potty like a champ! Peed and pooped all day, maybe one accident. Here's the kicker; they won't wear undies AND refuse to wear pull ups. They are definitely not at a point to wake up in the night to pee. So every morning they are wet. I'm not sure how to remedy this: will it come with time? Did we do too good a job of telling them diapers are gone?
Not happy to be photographed on the potty :(

Our next step is to leave the house. And to find out how well they will do at other people's houses, car trips, public restrooms, overall not being able to use the potty they are comfortable on. Here we go - entering another uncharted life change!

Tuesday, March 4

Snow, snow. Get out! Go!

We are NOT liking this extended winter! If it is not sub-zero, then it is snowing :/ It's becoming annoying to even leave the house. WE ARE READY TO PLAY OUTSIDE!! I had very high hopes that March would be amazing and all the snow would melt before the kids' birthday...we'll be lucky if we don't have to shovel the morning of their party.
Helping Dad vacuum

They rarely do much dressing up so I had to catch this!

Went out to brunch for a friend's birthday - They inhaled their "Elvis French Toast" 

...and of course had seconds on birthday cake!!