Monday, March 30

Another Year, Another Party!

We survived another birthday with these two! Although they were convinced that they didn't turn 4 until the party actually happened. We would talk about the party and the Frozen theme (that they decided on back in January) for the past month and Drew would throw in side comments about how he wanted a monster truck cake. Sigh. Really buddy, just get on board with the combo party and next year we will discuss separate themes OR a simple "happy birthday" theme and get them an individualized cake:)

I DO wish the weather would have cooperated a little better but that didn't stop a couple people from going outside and playing some lacrosse and driving the new big wheels! I mean 30 degrees and wind after the nice run of sun and 50's-60's we had a couple weeks ago. We really enjoyed our time celebrating with family and friends and thank everyone for coming!

At this point in their 4 years of life:

Kelsey likes to shop! (Yay!) When I ask who wants to come along shopping, she is the first one to be excited and enjoys it. She likes PINK - and if you ask her she'll say "light and dark" ;) Loves talking about her long hair and how it looks like Rapunzel. She is a big fan of chocolate (my girl) and she is our singer. We get to hear all the songs she learns in school!

Drew is a homebody! I have to coerce him to go shopping (if leaving him home is not an option). His favorite color is blue. He will talk our ears off, especially in the car on the way from the sitter (so much so that Kelsey will tell me that he is hurting her ears!). His conversations are mostly about hunting with his uncles and plans for "when he gets bigger..." Drew is the bigger dancer out of the two and sometimes hears a beat that just makes his hips wiggle:)

Kelsey chatting with the great-grandmas

Oh Baby Benson

He was so excited for a play room full of new toys!

Even Kelsey's princess castle (that Dad promptly returned to the play room:))

All the boys and Kelsey playing games

New wheels

Sometimes you gotta tell them how to do it

Gotta invite the family so that they can put together the gifts they give them!
Playing with cousins

Uncle Dale showing Drew how to get the cars to go really fast

Dudes and their technology

The girls going old school and reading a book

And to end the night, friendly cousin wrestling

Thursday, March 19

Silly Weekend

Last weekend was our final swim class of the session. I think we are all little happy to be done - the water isn't all that warm and it fell at such an odd time that it kind of ruined the rest of the day. Of course Craig got to miss the last class for grad school so Tara accompanied us once again! We decided to do something fun after and went back to my high school to watch Donkey Basketball. It was very silly to watch the stubborn animals and exciting when someone actually scoring a basket!
4 Donkeys per team

Sometimes pretend driving a lawn mower on your way out of the mall makes your day!

Then on Sunday, we were invited to our first bowling birthday party (also back in my hometown). We talked about it a lot since the kids had never been to a bowling alley and the party was for my friend's 4 year old that Kelsey and Drew had met once. After we got going, there was lots of cheering for each other, laughing, and good times.
Drew doing a crazy dance (Kels is in pink throwing her ball down the Alligator "helper")

Of course she had to have a pink ball, even tho it was 8lbs!

Patiently waiting our turn!!

Saturday, March 7

Bring On the Warm Temps

The kids have only had one birthday without snow on the ground; their first one and we were pleasantly surprised that we could take pictures outside and party-goers could enjoy the Spring-like temps. It even flurried a little on the day they were born. (I remember looking out the hospital window and seeing the snow and hoping there wouldn't be too much so that my mom wouldn't have any trouble on her hour drive down by me.) I always think about moving the kids pictures to May so that we can have a better chance of doing an outdoor shoot but we've started making a "special" day out of it - usually we head to Chicago where our photographer lives - and it gets the kids excited as we talk about the city with the BIG buildings. This time last year, there was no sign of temps in the 50's so we knew the snow and cold would still be around. And of course the fact that we are having a "Frozen" 4th birthday party, serendipity would melt all the snow and the temps will be mild while the house is decorated in a winter wonderland! (Or maybe I'm just secretly keeping my fingers crossed that all that will happen!)

We have two weeks left of swim lessons and of course Drew is just starting to get into it. At least they didn't refuse to get in the pool because the water really isn't all that warm. The high school always has a mini snack/concession stand open so we bribe them with popcorn if they do all the skills Miss Sherie teaches them. It also tires them out so there is a guaranteed nap on Saturdays:)

Kelsey placed her baby next to Drew to take a nap with him

I guess this is how one watches Minnie Mouse Bowtique 

And of course this ham said, "mom, take one of me now!"

His selfie with the camera. He LIKES getting his picture taken, unlike Kelsey and
he is very interested in how the camera works.