Saturday, September 29

Wow...a Year and a Half

Where does the time go? EVERYONE tells you that kids "grow up SO FAST" and you politely nod your head. But until it happens directly to you, it doesn't seem possible! It has been both so exciting and sad to watch them get to 18 months. On top of all the new things they are learning, they look so different from 6 months ago. Drew's been getting monthly haircuts since then and Kelsey's hair has doubled in length (when it's wet, it goes past her shoulders). They've stopped looking like babies and are bursting into toddler-hood full force! Every once in a while I catch myself watching them and thinking "I remember when they couldn't even play with that toy/climb up the slide/ride that car" and somewhere along the way they figured it out.

I just realized I should probably get some 18 month pictures taken of these kids and hope the weather cooperates for a couple more weekends so we can do them outside!

And I scored some great second-hand buys at the semi-annual Just Between Friends Sale. Think of it as one HUGE infant/toddler/kids rummage - all under one roof. If there is one in your area, I strongly suggest checking it out, especially for those things your kid might only wear/use once (like dress shoes for boys - seriously, Drew's gonna wear them once). There are aisles upon aisles of toys, clothes, shoes, books, strollers.

Today we hope to go watch Craig play softball. I'm not sure how well it will go considering the kids usually want to run in opposite directions and do not want to sit in one place in their stroller. Besides that they are supporting Craig's team and wearing their own softball shirts (see below) - so cute!

Saturday, September 22

Autum is Here

This are photos from last weekend...which is obvious if you venture outside at all today. It's about a 20 degree difference today from last weekend. We are hanging in our fleece today to stay warm. But like I said in last week's post, we played outside all weekend because the fall weather is upon us and being able to spend entire afternoons outside will be minimal until next year!


Craig had to show the kids his pitching machine, he even took a couple swings.
I think Craig found his "outfield". (Drew heading into the
bushes to find the ball Craig hit)
He's got it! Now to get out of all these trees...
...and bring it back to dad!

Saturday, September 15

Coveted Weekends

It's possible this could be our last "warm" weekend - one never knows about Wisconsin seasons, the weather has been all over the place lately! We are trying to "tune" up the outside before the really cool weather i.e. snow, gets here. Dare I say it's almost perfect today and I will be shuffling the kids outdoors as soon as they wake up from their nap.

Last weekend we attended my brother's housewarming party, which consisted of us chasing the kids around as they checked out Derek's yard, the neighbors driveway, the sidewalk - pretty much everything but the party! We also went to Indian Summer at the Summerfest grounds. The kids loved the Native dance competition; especially since we showed up right in time for fancy dress senior group. Who wouldn't love bright colored feathers, drums, and bells on their moccasins dancing in front of you? Of course we couldn't leave without eating an Indian taco...sooooo yummy! I wish I had more pics of the actual festival but I learned the hard way that the Summerfest grounds does NOT allow wagons - so we had to carry the kids and leave the wagon behind :( So the 2 pics I got were when the kids and I were waiting for Craig to get us some food!

On an impulse, Craig picked this "vanity" set up at a rummage sale on the way home from the gym. The kids were napping while he was setting it up/cleaning it - my comment to Craig was, "don't think for a second that Drew won't play with it. It talks to you and has accessories. He doesn't know it's for girls and not boys."

Sunday, September 9

Are You Ready For Some..., cooler weather, fall, pumpkin spice lattes? All of these things are happening, thanks to the month of September (which snuck up on us but brought my FAVORITE time of the year). It's been so great to wear jeans this weekend and sit down today and watch football all day.

This is what happened when we told Kelsey to give Drew a hug - he
saw it as a chance for a take down!

His new found love of sweeping. He also loves the vacuum.
A man that cleans - gotta like that:)

Drew is trying to figure out the chair now that I've strategically moved it
AWAY from the end table. Because he can climb up onto the chair and then crawls
over the table to get onto the love seat! He is trouble!

This is Kelsey dominating Craig's phone. He downloaded
a preschool animal app that when you swipe the phone it moves
on to the next animal, says its name, and if you touch the phone again
makes the animal noise. She hasn't mastered the double touch of the
screen yet!

Sunday, September 2

Playtime Fun

These are some pics from over the weekend of the kids"together". People like to ask me if they have their own twin language or play well together or some variation of a "twin tale". I only notice them playing next to each other but not usually with the same toy. They often steal toys from each other, which results in crying, tantrums, and/or violent actions (hitting, hair pulling). They are totally brother and sister, and I imagine the sibling rivalry will only continue (as I remember it so well lastly into my teen years).

Now that I look at the sequence of pictures, it all starts out innocent, then gets a little ugly, and then turns out sweet.

Kelsey did this in an earlier post - this is the first time I believe Drew
attempted to sit in the drawer.

So when Drew crawled out, Kelsey climbed in. But of course then Drew
wanted to be in it too...she's NOT happy.

But then they start playing games with the widow...

...and the anger is forgotten.

And we love each other again!

This picture is unrelated to the above...I just like how he moves his foot
inside the cup, instead of putting the cup on his foot! He's a goof.