Tuesday, January 31


Irecently graduated the kids to the big tub. I had been thinking about it for some time - wondering when it would be appropriate, would they be able to stay upright, would it be more work for me to keep them from slipping into the water, thus traumatizing them. In the last 2 weeks there has been a couple bath nights where I had to keep both kids in the bathroom with me. And trying to occupy one curious/bored baby while you clean the other is not fun.

Kelsey, of course loved it and clapped thru the whole bath. Drew was wary at first and kept giving me the scared/WTF-mom-look. He's just learing his stability and strength, where Kelsey can easily go from sitting to crawling. And Drew's botton seemed more slippery, ending up turned away from me and Kelsey. We aren't going to give up and I'm sure they will figure it out soon!

Friday, January 27

10 and 31

The babies turned 10 months old on my 31st birthday (Wednesday). And on that day Drew decided to crawl!! He was *kinda* crawling the day before but Wednesday morning he crawled past my mom to get a toy. He still rolls to get places, but I'm sure as soon as he figures out that crawling gets him places faster and he can see in front of him, he'll switch:) I wanted to get a picture with them out in the snow, bundled up, but we've been in this weird deep-freeze-thaw weather so it's not the prettiest outside and there isn't a whole lot of snow. Maybe after the weekend...

The kids are still fighting their colds - Drew has bronchiolitis so his cough is more cumbersome than anything. Kelsey is a snot-mess but both are "acting" like themselves and finally eating/drinking normal again.

I'll leave you with some more pics of Kelsey "picking" on Drew. Just wait until Drew realizes he is BIGGER than her - she's gonna have it coming!

Kelsey thought the high-chair trays were best used as surfing/body boards.

Loving his singing and rocking grasshopper!

Monday, January 23

Doldrums of Winter

There isn't a whole lot of "new" stuff going on in Kelsey and Drew land...Drew has only taken a couple crawls at a time and is not zooming around the house like Kelsey. We are working on "hi" and "bye" and giving "high-fives". There is a nasty little virus making the kids pretty miserable the last couple days.

Here is some shenanigans I caught with the camera - Kelsey spends her days crawling into everything; the bouncy chair, car seat, a pile of toys. I guess it's her begining to be strong enough to pull up on furniture.

Here she is just giving me that cute, innocent look

She made it into her chair -  pretty proud of herself

You can imagine what happened - she doesn't understand leverage and gravity:)

And Drew coming in after Krazy Kelsey because this looks like a new toy to him!

Monday, January 16

Wrestle Mania

And so it begins. I mean I knew it was unavoidable - I did it with my siblings and even broke my brother's arm while doing it (I'm not sure I ever really got in trouble for it either, we were both at fault for calfin' around). But Kelsey has the upper hand, mostly because she is more mobile than Drew - she's a stronger crawler and can pull herself up onto things. Drew has the advantage of overall size over Kelsey but when she gets on top of him, he's pretty much pinned. Guess we know who is going to be the bully/boss in this house!

I HAD to put this pic in -don't you just wanna eat him up!
So snugly and peaceful:)
 Do I dare mention that our household had a pretty nice Sunday evening while the rest of Wisconsin fell into a depressive state of shock??

Wednesday, January 11

Post holiday pics

The joys of teething...all I can say is that Kelsey has to let mom and dad sleep soon or it is not going to be pretty! We are currently running on little sleep this week with Kelsey waking up a couple times each night. It can't last forever, right?

The kids got a really cool present from the Lettenbergers for Christmas. The two of them will sit around it and play by themselves for AT LEAST 20 min, which in my world feels like an eternity. It is a singing alphabet, numbers, colors train that can be pushed, pulled, and ridden!

And I had to show you the kids kickin' it with their pillow pets (Christmas gifts from Grandma Linda)!

And Drew with Kelsey's doll - aren't these the photos parents use to torment their kids when they're teenagers??

Saturday, January 7

We Don't Want to be Normal!

Kelsey and Drew usually do not show much interest in each other, so I guess that is why what is happening in this picture surprised me.

But maybe because I only had one jumperoo out she thought she had to figure out how she could possibly use it too. I did not get to witness her actually crawl into the bottom.I found her when I realized she was a little too quiet for me to be comfortable; especially since she is so mobile now. And of course Drew was jumping around like a fool, oblivious to the fact that his sister was under his feet.

Happy Weekending Everybody!

Wednesday, January 4

Steady Goes It

Their 9  month appointment (on Monday) went well. It was our first time at the doctor's office where I felt like everything was going to go smoothly, i.e. they weren't going to tell me I should be doing something I wasn't. We met with the nurse practitioner and I guess she doesn't chart their growth because she never gave us the kids' percentages so that we would have an idea of how they're growing. They are a little behind developmentally, Drew more than Kelsey. But I look at them giggling away, playing on the living room floor and think, "hey, they eat, sleep, and poop like normal kids. Do I really care if they aren't pulling up on furniture, feeding themselves, or Drew isn't crawling yet?" Easy answer - No.

Anyway, D is 18.6 lbs and K is 17.3 lbs. They've gained about 3 lbs in 3 months.Overall it was a  pretty good exam except when Kelsey needed her ears checked - she was not happy! There was only 1 shot this appt.  Can you believe in less than 3 months these kids will no longer be infants??

Monday, January 2

This One's for YOU, Derek!

Uncle Derek bought these onesies for the kids back in November. He's been hounding me to put them on Kelsey and Drew. Since it's been 1.5 months, Derek was starting to think that I didn't like them/think they were appropriate or just flat out wasn't going to let the kids wear them! Well I was waiting until they would fit and I thought why not start out 2012 in honest, fashionable style.