Monday, September 19


Oh the fun we had the week before school started. Although I may have over did the excitement - Kelsey ended up having some "accidents" during school but not telling anyone til she got home :/ And she said it was all because she didn't want to miss anything in class. I think she was anxious about school starting; she did this last year but a couple weeks into it. It sounds like her body reacts to stress physically and not emotionally. (I personally enjoy eating my feelings/stress/anxiety but I don't recommend it ;))

My last Thursday home with them I let them choose the days activities. I thought I was going to get myself in trouble but they picked Culver's for lunch because they love that the kids meal comes with custard and then we went to Toys R Us to use up the rest of their birthday gift cards. Then 3 days before school started, we went to Bay Beach. Our friends from Denver were home and we had made plans to meet them there. It was our first time there but we have already made a pact to go back! This was K and D's first real experience with carnival-ish rides - which is good because we are going to Disney on Spring Break (that's a whole other post for another day)!

Waiting for our friends. We are so patient

Not sure who the boy was with Kelsey but our friend Declan is in blue

About to go down the big slide
This year the kids are taking the bus to and from school whenever possible. I have to pick them up on Mondays and Tuesdays to get them to New Berlin by 4 for dance and gymnastics. So far they enjoy riding it and haven't had any problems.
First Day K5

Kelsey has a matching LuLaRoe dress with one of her teachers. 

Someone else was waiting for the bus...

Second day of school shenanigans 

We watched the Badgers play at my cousins house and of course we were silly!
All of my cousins (and me) on the right and our respective daughters on the left.

Drew found this cool toy to play with at my cousin's

So we live in the city and have had to deal with more trees falling down or needing to
be cut down than ever before. This is actually just a BRANCH from a 100ft oak tree. It knocked over a
smaller tree. It took a solid weekend to clean up. 

This is a cookie! Isn't it beautiful?! One of Kelsey's dance team members had a birthday and
everyone received a personalized ballet cookie. (What did I sign up for? I can't keep up with these veteran dance moms!)