Saturday, August 25

Back to School

Well, the end of summer is near. Now some of you might not feel that way, especially since September has generally been seasonably comfortable. But having a teacher in the house, I am accustomed to "summer vacation" being lackadaisical, variable, with unplanned schedule changes. When August ends and Craig heads back to the classroom, life is very structured. There are no more random days off. Our "year" begins now, unlike Janurary for most others. Maybe all this practice will help me when the twins start school.

Oh and that reminds me that I probably didn't mention that Craig resigned from the elusive MPS (I was waiting for it be "official" before I posted it in cyberspace) and was hired by Indian Community School in Franklin. He had interviewed back in April/May and apparently wowed everyone enough that they offered him the position soon after (also considering the HR rep said there were almost 200 applicants just for that position). So he's changing schools and grades - he will be teaching 6th grade. In the last 10 years he's mainly taught 5th, with a couple years teaching 4th and 6th. He teaches all subjects, except unlike MPS he will actually have full time gym, art, music, language teachers and a librarian and aides. AND his partner teacher "likes" teaching Math and Literature so they have agreed to co-teach the 6th grade - Craig teaching Science and Social Studies to both 6th grade classes! This school is so unique: from who can enroll to the curriculum to the building itself. If you are at all curious, I suggest you check out their website .

How much longer will they both fit in the cabinet under the bathroom sink??

Sunday, August 19

Lazy Weekend

Craig headed off to another softball tournament in Kewaunee (he assures me that this is it for a while...blah, blah, blah - heard that story before!). So the kids and I kicked it all weekend, keeping ourselves busy. I was able to bust out Saturday -alone- for a couple hours to attend a baby shower, have some mimosas, take in some much needed sun atop a downtown bar. The pictures will show how "crazy" we got!

Kelsey's new thing is to lay across both chairs but then, as you can see, Drew
tries to sit down too. She gave him the "this chair's occupied" tap.


Must have been a good show on Sprout, since she doesn't seem to mind
Drew sitting in front of her.

This looks a little like love but really it was a "Drew Special", which is
tackle anything that walks past him!

Finally looking like a real playroom

She dumped all the balls out, sat inside, and then started putting the
balls back in.

The way you spend a dark, rainy, lazy Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, August 14

More of What's Going On...

Here he goes again; starts out looking totally cute and innocent. It just appears he's found a new fun place to sit!
 Now he's getting more comfortable - what he's really doing is figuring out if he can "fit" his whole body on the ledge.

 But then all that fun led to standing up on at an unsafe height but thinking he's pretty cool!

We celebrated my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday. It was such a special and fantastic day. The WHOLE family showed up - my cousin, his wife, and newest edition to the great-grandkids flew in from Phoenix as the biggest surprise! I bet you're thinking that you are going to see some pictures from this joyful event...well I pulled a rookie move and my camera's battery died after taking 2 pictures! What the wha? I even checked the battery before we left the house, so I don't know if I left it on in my bag or what. Anyway, my aunt promised to email the pics so I'll post them then.

These 2 pics are from Craig's phone. Drew was LOVING great-grandpa's walker and proceeded to push it back and forth in the hall.

Tuesday, August 7

What's Going On?

THIS is what's going on at out house...

 Oh, yes...he got up there on his own...loving every minute of it!

And Kelsey watched his every move, only to copy him.

Keeping her eye on the prize!!

This day they found maracas...and had a blast! (Until they broke them, then they became garbage!)

Saturday, August 4

What Up, Cuz?

More photos from last weekend! Pictures with the cousins, Braden and Ella:)