Wednesday, April 5

Our Life in March

 Kelsey has started her dance competition season. Her first one was in West Bend and they took 2nd. The next competition was on her birthday in the Chicago suburbs and they took 1st! As far as I can tell, she doesn't get nervous before (like I do) and she really enjoyed herself. And Drew gets to spend all day in a dark auditorium watching dance! She has 2 more competitions before Nationals in June at the Wilderness Resort in the Dells. Right now she only competes in jazz but next year the teachers hope to have her ready to do tap as well!

The whole team - they dance to Vogue by Madonna

Snapchat fun with Auntie Tara after competition

Her best dance friend

I'm not exactly sure what her plan is here...

Dr Seuss week at school. This was TWIN day

Silly hat day

Their first Buck's game. Drew was totally into - Kelsey cared more about what kind of snacks we could find!