Tuesday, June 26

Watching Grass Grow

Which is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but if you ask Craig he thinks it is the greatest. After the big landscape project, we were given instructions to water the new seed/straw area every day. And every morning Craig heads out to start the sprinkler and adjust its position every 20min, making sure everything has been watered. Well, last week I started the sprinkler before I left for work and I noticed a couple sprigs of green poking through the straw but thought nothing of it because that is what is supposed to happen when seeds get water and sun (I'm not going to go through the whole life cycle/germination process of plants - you have the idea). About an hour later I received a text from Craig that the grass is GROWING! I said, yeah, I saw it. Then he says, why didn't you tell me? You need to get excited about that sh*t. Really? Of all the world's problems and we are going to get giddy over grass....I guess it's the little things sometimes:)

The kids, also have been growing! And walking and climbing and hitting and jabbering and just being kids. Drew's a little daredevil and thinks he can climb to the top of ANYTHING. Kelsey and Drew will each other whenever the mood strikes them right. Kelsey hates it when Drew is "touching" the same thing she is; Drew is obsessed with switches/knobs.

Sunday, June 17

Chatty Kathy

In the last 2 weeks, anyone that has encountered Kelsey has gotten an ear full! She will ramble on and on by herself, with one of us, with a stranger - all the while appearing to be making total sense. She's also copying any noise we make. And Drew's been screaming. In excitement. To anything he finds to be the least bit stimulating.

Lots of other new stuff is going on in the home front...the landscape/grading problem that caused our flood was fixed Friday. They spent the whole day cutting down trees, digging out the lawn, removing dirt, fixing downspouts, and finally re-seeding the new area. It looks a lot different and we are so happy for the peace of mind every time it rains:)

I guess we would say the kids are officially walking now. Before they were taking "independent" steps but it was mostly during the "walk to mom, walk back to dad" game. Now they will get off of a toy and just start walking away from it or take off from the couch to the toy they want to play with, walking 5-10 steps alone. Next we need to work on picking up their own toys...

This is Drew...screaming and hitting the ball. 

 I HOPE you can hear Kelsey talking away (it's non-stop!) 
- and you get a look at her car gymnastics!

Happy Father's Day! (pay no attention to Kelsey's crazy hair...)

Saturday, June 9


When we found out we were having twins, we waited to see "what" we were having before we started buying baby stuff. And we were given great advice to wait to buy "2" of most things until we knew if both kids liked/needed it (except for obvious things like cribs, high-chairs).

Now it that they are in an older, playing stage, we have QUICKLY realized that the big-ticket items require one for each kid - like a Cozy Coup car! O.m.g. Sibling rivelry at its best.

 *I know you're thinking they look like they are playing JUST FINE together, but there was lots of pushing and tears. And tonight I had to say enough's enough and remove both kids and put the car FAR away! 

Similarly, this is how they play with the slide (as you can see the coup is sitting in the background, unattended).

Tuesday, June 5

Swimming Fun

Since the kids *usually* LOVE bath time, I thought it would only be natural for them to LOVE pools and water outside. Well, it seems Kelsey likes small pools and Drew prefers the bigger ones. It became so hot Memorial weekend that I had to bring out their blow up pool to cool off. What I didn't realize is that it is blown up by water from the hose and then sprinkles water. There is NO WAY to warm up our hose spout, it was so cold Drew tried escaping multiple times (not fun when you are alone with them).

Then this past weekend Craig had to stop in at the club and fix/check the "baby" pool and I thought, what an excellent excuse to bring the kids to the pool! Thinking that the baby pool looks like a big bath tub, I was sure the kids would love it! Kelsey cried, pouted and decided to sit on the pool deck and eat cheerios instead:) Drew was kicking it, enjoying all the other kids in the pool. We were there for about an hour and (selfishly) I was able to get some, much needed, sun!

*As a side note, I never really understood these "rash guard" shirts for kids - although they make perfect sense! But this is a fairly new product, along with ALL sorts of new safety, sleeping, eating devices/rules that were not in effect when I was little. And I wonder how on earth I made it to a wise 31 years of age sleeping on my stomach, exposing lots of skin to the sun, using "standard" bottles...wow. I think the rash guard shirts are SO cute and make the kids look like California surfer babes:)

Friday, June 1

It Had A Good Run

The picture below is supposed to be a tee pee tent. It was a birthday gift. It connects to a tunnel, which the kids still use. Unfortunately this tee pee has seen better days and, as you can see, Drew has had a big part in its demise (he's holding the "tent" poles, bending them out of shape). They've played numerous games of hide-and-seek in this tee pee and now it's time to say good-bye to it. Thanks for the memories!

And these are pictures of the kids being silly! They are such goofballs sometimes:) Happy Friday all!