Friday, November 29

Remodeling Blues

REMODELING!!! I promise myself that I am not going to do it again. We had our living/dinning room and front entry/stairway painted last week. It was by far the most positive remodeling experience we've had. They finished in a day and a half, were very clean, and I love that it is DONE. The only problem is that we had to take everything down off the walls and now we are "re-arranging" the artwork/pictures.

Now we are working on the "other" bathroom or more candidly referred to as the pink bathroom! The guy we hired to do the tile work says he will be finished by Sunday...I don't want to bet against him because I'd like to be done with it all but we had a lot of problems with the "blue" bathroom before that was considered finished.

Had to post a pic of Kelsey in her cute mermaid pj's.

Wednesday, November 20

365 Long Days

We spent the weekend up at my dad's, kinda celebrating, mostly remembering him. The whole fam went out to dinner to my dad's favorite supper club, followed by what might have been the last sleepover in our childhood home. Then Sunday we went to church, or as the kids like to call them "castles" - Jesus is cool. I bet He would be okay with you calling His house a castle:) Followed by old fashions in dad's garage and then a trip to his favorite water hole! All in all a nice weekend, considering all the loose ends we still have to tie up a year later....just stuff on top of stuff.

Kelsey and Uncle Matt, playing video poker!

Saturday, November 16

Dude Looks Like a Lady

Oh that Drew! He loves shoes - he loves my shoes, wants me to always put them on, pulls them out of my closet for me. He LOVES that he has many shoes - options galore but he does get stuck on a favorite pair and then I have to make a big production out of a new shoe so that he will be excited to wear them (especially when we grows out of a pair). I should have expected nothing less when he found my shoes early one morning that I had taken off after coming home late the night before from a wedding. He thought they were the greatest thing. And of course Drew was trying on that fabulous orange hat - a whole unique outfit:) He didn't even want to give them up for Kelsey to try on.

The weather has been very wintery over her the past couple days so I pulled out the kids footed pj's. They put them on and both said, "oh, where's my foot?" Totally confused because they are so used to wearing pj separates with access to their toes! But this pic of Kelsey in her pjs and also wearing earmuffs is too funny. They're pink. She'll wear anything pink or sparkly. She's such a girl ;)

Friday, November 8

We're Still Trick-o-Treating

No, no we're not going house to house, but Kelsey still sings the Disney Jr Halloween songs and Drew yells "trg o TREAT!" (emphasis on the treat part - forget trick because we don't know what that means). The best part is when Kelsey doesn't remember all the words but knows that I do, she says "Try it, mom." Meaning she wants me to sing the parts she doesn't know - so stinking cute, as she bops her head along!

Kelsey at a pirate birthday party

Getting tattoos. Drew HATED his, he made me get it off of him ASAP!

What can I say?