Wednesday, February 15

2017 So Far

Here's our start to the new year - These are in reverse order...

I found out at Parent-teacher conferences that these 3 K5 girls started a "book club". They picked out "The Princess in Black", a short chapter book and get together to read it during choice time or RtI. So the reading specialist at their school sent the author a letter and she sent them back Princess in Black masks and their own journal book to accompany reading. (Kelsey is on the left) 

Parent-teacher conferences...we never stay for less than 2 hrs! It's totally related to the fact that Dad is in the same school so of course we have to visit him and everyone else!
(Conferences went well too, no issues)

These 2 pics are in the music room during conferences - playing instruments and all the other fun stuff Ms. Satchell keeps in there.

Super Bowl spirit day at school. Kelsey received a *very* special Rogers jersey from friends of ours because she is the only Packer fan in the family!

Another year of Disney on Ice! Almost the whole second half was Frozen! 

Crocheted beer koozies! Drinking at Mittenfest in Bayview

Yay for getting together with friends! 2 of us have January birthdays so we make a yearly event to do dinner and cocktails ;)