Monday, August 24

A 3 Hour Tour

4 nights sleeping on a boat, while our kids get spoiled by grandma!

Our friends were making a trip across Lake Michigan, to Muskegon and then up to Ludington, and asked if we wanted to to join. We were essentially going to "live" on the boat and dock at the marinas once we arrived in those cities. It was something we've never done, so we thought why not. We left on Wednesday, right before noon (and right after a bon voyage mimosa!) when the lake looked to be the most calm, according to the coast guard. It took us 3.5 hours to get to Muskegon, with a stop in the middle for a quick swim and snacks.

Our first night in Muskegon. The view from our table at the Lake House.

Then on Friday we left Muskegon around 1 and "drove" north for almost 2 hours to Ludington. This marina had a pool and was only a block away from a brewery and downtown. We had better weather here - like I came home a little burnt :(
Pere Maquette settlement - Craig is giving the thumbs down

Suds on the Shore! A brew fest to support United Way in Ludington

Hammerschlagen - a game we play regularly in our backyard

More beer at the Mitten bar in Ludington

Our last sunset 
Now this is all the fun the kids had while we were having ours! They went to the FDL park, which is an old memory for me as a kid. It's very little kid friendly and the aunties and cousins all got to hang out!!

Tara said they liked this ride so much, they went on it twice

This was Saturday when Grandpa Irv was off work. He took the fishing boat to Long Lake
and Drew caught the first fish!! They were both so excited.

Monday, August 17

By the Power Vested in Craig...

Oh yes, Craig officiated his first wedding! It was kinda by random chance - my sister-in-law's sister wanted to get married on the beach of Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan. They were having trouble finding someone to marry them. He was asked by a friend a couple years ago and never took it seriously. So when another couple asked him to think about it, he thought why not? The weekend was absolutely gorgeous! We enjoyed the rehearsal activities Friday night and then headed to the water park (the kids first time) Saturday morning. The wedding was at 2, so the kids got a solid 2 hours splashing around. It was good fun!

Reading over the ceremony. 

This handsome dude

Tiaras all day

Running down to the beach as the moon comes up

Loving the water

Drew must have went down this slide 10 times!

Do I need words for this photo?!
Benson did not want to walk down the stairs

My brother and nephew Benson just before the wedding started!


Beach balls

One crashed toddler!

Monday, August 3

It's DONE!

It only took a little over 3 months but it's here and it's NEW and I believe the wait was worth it! Now comes the daunting task of organizing it so that it makes sense (oh and finishing the interior walls but we can't agree on that). It's so exciting to have doors that open and close appropriately. We didn't even know what we were missing! I'm so thankful for my cousin, who basically built this by himself. There is a peace of mind you can't buy when you fully trust your builder/material supplier. Of course we also haven't received the bill yet, so maybe I DID pay for it!