Lilypie - Fifth Birthday

Wednesday, April 5

Our Life in March

 Kelsey has started her dance competition season. Her first one was in West Bend and they took 2nd. The next competition was on her birthday in the Chicago suburbs and they took 1st! As far as I can tell, she doesn't get nervous before (like I do) and she really enjoyed herself. And Drew gets to spend all day in a dark auditorium watching dance! She has 2 more competitions before Nationals in June at the Wilderness Resort in the Dells. Right now she only competes in jazz but next year the teachers hope to have her ready to do tap as well!

The whole team - they dance to Vogue by Madonna

Snapchat fun with Auntie Tara after competition

Her best dance friend

I'm not exactly sure what her plan is here...

Dr Seuss week at school. This was TWIN day

Silly hat day

Their first Buck's game. Drew was totally into - Kelsey cared more about what kind of snacks we could find!

Wednesday, February 15

2017 So Far

Here's our start to the new year - These are in reverse order...

I found out at Parent-teacher conferences that these 3 K5 girls started a "book club". They picked out "The Princess in Black", a short chapter book and get together to read it during choice time or RtI. So the reading specialist at their school sent the author a letter and she sent them back Princess in Black masks and their own journal book to accompany reading. (Kelsey is on the left) 

Parent-teacher conferences...we never stay for less than 2 hrs! It's totally related to the fact that Dad is in the same school so of course we have to visit him and everyone else!
(Conferences went well too, no issues)

These 2 pics are in the music room during conferences - playing instruments and all the other fun stuff Ms. Satchell keeps in there.

Super Bowl spirit day at school. Kelsey received a *very* special Rogers jersey from friends of ours because she is the only Packer fan in the family!

Another year of Disney on Ice! Almost the whole second half was Frozen! 

Crocheted beer koozies! Drinking at Mittenfest in Bayview

Yay for getting together with friends! 2 of us have January birthdays so we make a yearly event to do dinner and cocktails ;)

Friday, January 20


What the heck, hey? We've been going, going, going since December. The kids shared a cold in the beginning of December, which eventually turned into Drew's first ear infection. Poor kid was miserable until his antibiotic kicked in. Of course it had to be the day all of Craig's family was coming into town to celebrate Christmas. I was hoping he would jump on the upswing quickly because how much more terrible is to not be able to play with your cousins and have fun if you are feeling crummy?

All of our Christmases were fabulous:) It's cute to see the next generation of "cousins" now that all of MY cousins have a couple of kids, participating in their own little gift exchange.

Each kid got the 24hr flu - but in 2 different weeks. Craig and I did not get it (fingers crossed) but some weird germs are going around their school and at my job. We are at an all time high of hand washing/sanitizing in our house.

Christmas Eve morning at our house

Christmas Day at Grandma's

Well, now I'm certified as an Operating Room Nurse - basically this just proves
my awesomeness;)

Went to see Moana over the break - so cute!

Christmas with FRIENDS!! (this is all our offspring)

These 2 sweet girls (who will be seeing Disney on Ice together soon)

Tuesday, December 20

Santa and Snow

Here it is December and before we know it, we'll be ringing in 2017! The kids came down with a little fever this past weekend but that did not stop them from getting out in the first snowfall. It was perfect packing snow for a snowman unfortunately we did not get a chance to go sledding. We went up to my step-dad's fire house for a pancake breakfast with Santa. Drew was SO excited to see him but Kelsey waited til after she ate. (I don't know if that was a "hangry" thing or what - like she couldn't "people" til after she had some food in her.)

Now we are in full holiday swing! We have my brother's birthday, the kids holiday show at school and church, Kelsey's dance holiday party, we are hosting the Bonins for Christmas, then actual Christmas, and another Christmas celebration on New Years day.

Saturday, November 12

October Tidbits

What did we do last month? I'm sure there were just all goes by so fast! Kelsey is in full swing with dance practices. We just ordered her team jacket and will soon receive her leotard costume (I'm almost certain she is doing a jazz dance to Madonna's Vogue. It's all so secretive!) Drew's still doing a little gymnastics every week.

The kids had parent - teacher conferences and they were as we expected. Drew still pouts, throws a bit of a fit, and becomes stubborn and Kelsey is the teacher's pet! (School photos below!)

We had a great time celebrating Halloween again this year. We started by trick or treating at the farmer's market the weekend before and finished by strolling through the rural town my mom lives in. Drew again based his costume on incorporating his power wheels truck. There aren't any sidewalks and the houses can be pretty far apart, so the power wheels is a great way to prevent little tired legs:)

Serious concentration on his pumpkin 

In the lead, on our way to the next house

Candy break

Thanksgiving is almost here! We have some fun family weekends ahead - Auntie Cher and cousin Ella come every year on opening day of deer hunting for the Holiday parade downtown and a sleepover. We are also very excited to start decorating for Christmas - the most magical time of year!

Monday, September 19


Oh the fun we had the week before school started. Although I may have over did the excitement - Kelsey ended up having some "accidents" during school but not telling anyone til she got home :/ And she said it was all because she didn't want to miss anything in class. I think she was anxious about school starting; she did this last year but a couple weeks into it. It sounds like her body reacts to stress physically and not emotionally. (I personally enjoy eating my feelings/stress/anxiety but I don't recommend it ;))

My last Thursday home with them I let them choose the days activities. I thought I was going to get myself in trouble but they picked Culver's for lunch because they love that the kids meal comes with custard and then we went to Toys R Us to use up the rest of their birthday gift cards. Then 3 days before school started, we went to Bay Beach. Our friends from Denver were home and we had made plans to meet them there. It was our first time there but we have already made a pact to go back! This was K and D's first real experience with carnival-ish rides - which is good because we are going to Disney on Spring Break (that's a whole other post for another day)!

Waiting for our friends. We are so patient

Not sure who the boy was with Kelsey but our friend Declan is in blue

About to go down the big slide
This year the kids are taking the bus to and from school whenever possible. I have to pick them up on Mondays and Tuesdays to get them to New Berlin by 4 for dance and gymnastics. So far they enjoy riding it and haven't had any problems.
First Day K5

Kelsey has a matching LuLaRoe dress with one of her teachers. 

Someone else was waiting for the bus...

Second day of school shenanigans 

We watched the Badgers play at my cousins house and of course we were silly!
All of my cousins (and me) on the right and our respective daughters on the left.

Drew found this cool toy to play with at my cousin's

So we live in the city and have had to deal with more trees falling down or needing to
be cut down than ever before. This is actually just a BRANCH from a 100ft oak tree. It knocked over a
smaller tree. It took a solid weekend to clean up. 

This is a cookie! Isn't it beautiful?! One of Kelsey's dance team members had a birthday and
everyone received a personalized ballet cookie. (What did I sign up for? I can't keep up with these veteran dance moms!)

Friday, August 26

It's Been Too Long!

We have been ZOOMING through summer! Wow, am I sad that school started for Craig yesterday and the kids start Thursday :( I want just one more month!

Kelsey has healed beautifully from her broken collar bone - almost so well that on the last x-ray at the end of July, you couldn't see it unless you knew what you were looking for. She's back to 100% as of yesterday (they really require 3 months of no "contact" activities, so she was supposed to wear her immobilizer on the playground up until today). She really handled it all very well and was her own best advocate; remembering to bring/wear her immobilizer when we left the house and informing other kids that she had a broken bone;).

Drew's baseball season ended in mid July as Kelsey's dance year is starting! This was definitely a learning year for Drew - understanding that he was the youngest and the older players may play a little more and have to take turns more often than tee ball, where EVERY player was on the field!

Kelsey has 3 hours of dance a week - ballet, tap, and jazz. She is learning a jazz routine to Madonna's Vogue, which she will perform at 4 competitions starting in March. She loves it but is also learning that things can be hard and coaches are different from teachers.

Craig and I took a 5 day boat trip and the kids spent some fun time with grandmas and their aunties! They did miss us :) but said they had some of the best days ever while we were gone.

We are doing our best to soak up these last couple days before school starts. This weekend our friends from Colorado are visiting and we are very excited to spend the day at Bay Beach with them. Life is moving at lightning speed and I want to cherish it all!

Drew playing his last game at Helfaer Field

Leaving Milwaukee Tuesday night via boat, headed towards Door County

Some quality time with Auntie Tara

My "fish"! They love the water!