Sunday, October 30

1st Halloween

We didn't do any trick-or-treating today; it's too cold and they don't eat candy:) But we did go to the Zoo  on Saturday with our favorite twin friends and watched them trick-or-treat. It was the nicer day of the weekend for sure. The babies didn't really get out of their carriers except Kelsey, who after 30min had to be carried the rest of the walk around the Zoo.

This weekend we also tried sweet potatoes and yogurt - big love for both! I think I'll start giving them yogurt in the middle of the day as their snack. There isn't a whole lot going on this week except for their second flu shot tomorrow.

Kelsey's a flower; she didn't stay in her outfit very long.

This is after all the fresh air - it's hard to be a baby dinosaur!

Monday, October 24

Oh Man, We're Getting Old!

I cannot believe it has been 7 months already. I thought time/months/years went by fast before kids - geez, I didn't think it could go any faster! Of course, lately, some of the days seem to be dragging because we have entered the exciting world of teething. Really, what is taking so long for those teeth to come in? Don't they know their pain makes my otherwise very happy, smiling children, unbearably crabby? And then their momma would rather stick needles in her eyes than have to watch nothing console her babies.

Food issues are a thing of the past. They have been inhaling everything I put in front of them...EVEN GREEN BEANS!! People warned me that green beans are usually not a babies favorite but even Drew said gimme more. Apples, pears, bananas, peaches, carrots, peas, beets, green beans - I should be moving them thru new foods faster but when I started making my own baby food, my mom had brought beets from the garden and I had bought 10lbs of carrots. So I'm kinda going thru in order of expiration, which means we are still using up the carrots and beets - but we mix them with the peas, which aren't one of their favorites.

This weekend was SO.BEAUTIFUL. We were able to get the kids outside for some 7 month pics together. Grandpa Bob dropped off a cool Radio Flyer wagon on Friday, Grandma and Grandpa Bonin came to visit Saturday, and yesterday we watched football with our friends who have donated *most* of Drew's wardrobe:) Speaking of wardrobes...Kelsey just accepted a new "loan" of goods from my cousin's little girl, who must have been the best dressed 3-6 month old! I kept pulling outfits out of the bin saying, "Oh my gosh, look at THIS!" It's these little things that excite me;)

(I'm a little sad that my smiley Drew wasn't so smiley during pictures - he was having a pretty bad teething day and I think he had just gotten up from a nap. This the only smile I have and it's at his sister.)

Friday, October 21

A Week In Pictures

Totally GQ-ing it in his little cardigan!

Ready for the game!

We had to wear lots of layers with all of the cold wind this week!

Happy girl:)

This is what I look like when I eat beets!

Saturday, October 15

Happy Fall, Ya'll

Let's see here what I got for ya...we LOVE peaches. Drew actually opens his mouth for them instead of me having to force the spoon in. Kelsey still has a runny/snotty nose - it doesn't seem to bother her much. The warm weather appears to be gone for the rest of the year but we are going to try to get out Saturday. Craig, of course, is playing softball this weekend. So I think the kids and I are going to go shopping. I can't remember the last time I was inside a mall! But we aren't shopping for anything fun - I need new work shoes.

I'm hoping our next "milestone" with the kids will be holding their own bottles and maybe sitting up. But really, how awesome would it be for me to be able to just throw a bottle at them and walk away? Think of the free time I will gain! Like actually getting to start dinner or laundry!

She does this a lot - covers her face with a blanket, giving her parents mini strokes!

Sunday, October 9

Can't Beat the Weather

Craig had a softball tourny this weekend and it was so great to get the kids out. They slept ALL.NIGHT! Kelsey hasn't done that in over a week (combination of her cold waking her and teething). The babies are mastering eating food. Before they started cereal, I predicted Kelsey would be the "good" eater, but Drew ended up loving it more. Now that it is veggies, Kelsey's proving me right. Drew needs his veggies to be mixed with cereal otherwise he won't eat them. Kelsey will eat a bowl full without question. So far we've been thru carrots, beets, and peas. Unfortunately I can't tell if the beets or her cold or teething are giving Kelsey TERRIBLE diaper rash. And so far the beets were her favorite too.

More softball for us today and tomorrow night we are going to game 2 of the NLCS to see the Brewers! We are so excited!! And the babies get to hang out with Auntie Cassandra:) I'm sure they will all have a blast.

Drew playing in his new exersaucer - notice Kelsey in the background.

Apparently this is what happened when Craig was waiting for the nanny to come and he left the living room.

And Drew saying, "What the heck is she doing?"

Thanks "Uncle" Brian and "Auntie" Alyssa - my shirt finally fits me!

The brown blob next to Craig and Drew is the cat. Lately he is loving the kids and Drew has been trying to pet him when he comes close to him.

Wednesday, October 5

"Wake Up - It's Time to Go to Bed"

I've heard this line more than once in my youth...and now I'm saying it to my babes. Lately they've been taking a nap before their last bottle. At first I was worried they wouldn't sleep at night or go to sleep after the bottle - thankfully not so. But Drew especially, sleeps SO.MUCH. I have the urge to wake him up, put him in his pj's, and give him his bottle but I can't disturb that sweet face. So we went from a 7:30-ish bedtime to anytime Drew wants to wake up, which could be 8:30. Ahhhh...routines have been my savior.

A BIG HELLO to this Indian summer we are having! The kids are getting outside with the sitters and we are trying to soak up as much of this beautiful weather before it is gone.

Go Brewers!

Oh yes...she's wearing leg warmers;)

A new toy (or something other than me to occupy their time for about 5 min.)

Saturday, October 1

No More "Adjustment"

We had a very positive 6 month appt. Usually after the babies are weighed and measured, she charts them on their "adjusted age" which is 6 weeks younger. But yesterday when she was looking at Drew's height and it was the 95th percentile for 4.5 months, she decided to put it on his "actual" age of 6 months and it was the 50th percentile. So she said the babies have mostly caught up - in size and developmentally. Yay! Drew weighs 15.5lbs and Kelsey 14.14lbs. They have been eating cereal for a month now and it is time to start fruit and veggies - I wasn't excited about starting something new because they are eating cereal SO good right now. They gave me a lot of gag/puke faces last night with the carrots and spit it out as fast as I could shovel it in! Oh well, I just have to put my patient pants on and keep trying :)

Kelsey's a little snotty these past couple days and hope it doesn't progress to anything worse. We were going to try to get outside today; Craig's playing softball and there is a charity walk at the Summerfest grounds today but it is SO chilly! Think we'll be hanging out inside today. Still can't believe it is October already. GO BREWERS!