Tuesday, December 20

Santa and Snow

Here it is December and before we know it, we'll be ringing in 2017! The kids came down with a little fever this past weekend but that did not stop them from getting out in the first snowfall. It was perfect packing snow for a snowman unfortunately we did not get a chance to go sledding. We went up to my step-dad's fire house for a pancake breakfast with Santa. Drew was SO excited to see him but Kelsey waited til after she ate. (I don't know if that was a "hangry" thing or what - like she couldn't "people" til after she had some food in her.)

Now we are in full holiday swing! We have my brother's birthday, the kids holiday show at school and church, Kelsey's dance holiday party, we are hosting the Bonins for Christmas, then actual Christmas, and another Christmas celebration on New Years day.