Friday, July 26

Baby Love

I left late Monday night for Colorado to visit dear friends, Nikki and Andy and of course baby Declan. I couldn't keep my hands off this sweet little man and was able to get lots of baby cuddles in. We had 3 lovely days together doing some much needed mom/friend/baby bonding. I came home late Thursday night so the first time I saw the kids was after work today. Kelsey and Drew stayed home with dad and survived, as I knew they would! Next time, if they can tolerate all of us, we will visit as a family:)
What's more precious than a sleeping baby?

Oh, their "other" baby. 9 month old Jasper. It IS like having
2 babies! 

And now it is go go go! We are celebrating my sister's birthday tonight and then heading to Manitowoc tomorrow for the annual softball tournament in Craig's hometown. The weather is going to be fall-like, which I guess is good if there is a possibility of sitting outside all day.

Friday, July 19

Dog Days of Summer

Ok, I like summer but I like 75-80 degree summer. I DISLIKE 90 with a heat index of 99. We have been keeping cool swimming and watching movies in the air conditioning. We are looking forward to a cooler weekend, celebrating a 1st birthday, me packing and preparing Craig for my trip to Colorado to visit friends and their new baby. Last weekend we celebrated our dear friends', Jax and Brady, 5th birthday baseball-style...the kids had a ball! (Haha, pun intended - they actually received balls in their treat bag and played a little t-ball.) Busy, busy summer and I'm already dreading Craig going back to school! One of us needs to find an 8 or 9 - 3 job;)

This silly boy likes putting his own shoes on, even if one of them
is Kelsey's and pink!

Kelsey is a little obsessed with Minnie Mouse and there isn't an
actual Minnie cartoon so we youtubed a show that played "Minnie's
Bow -Toons" shorts.

Thursday, July 11

Swimming Fun

For some reason it popped in my head that the kids haven't been swimming or in a pool yet this summer. Serendipitously our friends/neighbors called the same day and invited us over to play in their new pool. It was a  nice hot day so we jumped at the chance!  It was a blow up slide into a shallow pool and the kids loved it. We took a lunch break but they spent 3 hours in it! Good times:)

Tuesday, July 9

Celebrating on the 4th

And "chicky bur-burs". We think Kelsey's saying chicken burgers but we're aren't sure. She says it during dinner time no matter what we are feeding her - she'll chime in "I don wan chicky bur-burs."

We did sparklers with a couple neighbor friends, the kids first experience with them, and they were so excited about it!

(They are using the red cup as hand protectors from the sparks)

Saturday, July 6


We have had to start giving "time outs". Mostly for Drew. And mostly for hitting. He likes to push Kelsey around or swing his arm at her when he's mad about where she's standing or what she's playing with. I've witnessed Kelsey put her hand up and say, "Stop hitting, Due." And when he doesn't he gets a warning and then a Time Out. He's not a fan of them so he cries. Then Kelsey walks over by him and says, "Due, whas duh mattah? Due, you sad?" We remind Kelsey that he was just hitting you and that's not nice. She is so sensitive to other's emotions and feelings. I won't be aware that I'm furrowing my brow and Kelsey will see me and say, "Mom, whas the mattah? Whas wong, you sad?" And then I smile and say,"No Kels, I'm HAPPY." And she laughs and says, "I happy, mom."

The neighbor boys nestled in with the kids to watch a movie.

Friday, July 5

If You Mustache (Must Ask)... brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first child!! We are so excited to welcome a new addition to the family and for Kelsey and Drew to be big cousins:)

Auntie Cassandra made these shirts for the kids to wear on the 4th as a way to tell family and friends about their surprise! We wore them to the parade up in my hometown.

(I have so many pictures to upload to post from the last week, so there will be another post coming soon!)