Friday, November 29

Remodeling Blues

REMODELING!!! I promise myself that I am not going to do it again. We had our living/dinning room and front entry/stairway painted last week. It was by far the most positive remodeling experience we've had. They finished in a day and a half, were very clean, and I love that it is DONE. The only problem is that we had to take everything down off the walls and now we are "re-arranging" the artwork/pictures.

Now we are working on the "other" bathroom or more candidly referred to as the pink bathroom! The guy we hired to do the tile work says he will be finished by Sunday...I don't want to bet against him because I'd like to be done with it all but we had a lot of problems with the "blue" bathroom before that was considered finished.

Had to post a pic of Kelsey in her cute mermaid pj's.

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