Sunday, September 7

Our Week In Pictures

Out Labor Day bike ride to the park
This is our first picture inside of school. Kelsey was very excited to hang her back pack up and get her papers ready to give to her teacher.

This is the first picture before we went into school. Kelsey cried because she wanted to go IN! I think there was so much hype about starting school that my pause to take the obligatory "first day of school" picture caused her anxiety. They had a great first week.

More kitty tackles...I mean snuggles! These cats sure put up with a lot.

We took this cute little guy with us to Indian Summer

And then we fought over who gets to push Benson in the stroller 
Drew petting a Native Indian breed horse

Lemonade and Indian taco break


The boys were all tuckered out after our nice day outside

Kelsey showing Benson her toys

And Drew giving rides

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