Monday, April 20

First Zoo Trip of the Year

We made our first pilgrimage to the Zoo last weekend (also the same weekend we tore down our garage...more on that later). The weather was fairly decent: I try to head there pretty much when it opens but that means that the air hasn't had much of a chance to warm up. I think we spent almost 3 hours there - they've never had the patience for that before! Now that they are older, they remember where the ice cream, train, carousel, and playground are and make sure I don't miss them! 

I felt like the peacocks were extra friendly and colorful
So we've been talking about replacing our garage pretty much from the day we bought it. We aren't sure if they built the garage the same time as the house, but it is obvious that it was before rebar was invented. The cracks in the foundation were HUGE, causing lots of problems with the doors (like the service door only shutting in summer or the garage door not closing because the laser was uneven).

We were coordinating concrete, tree removal, and builder but the main event (and money saver) was getting the garage DOWN. Craig started his new semester for grad school which meant he was about to start new papers/assignments AND it was spring break for a couple teacher friends who offered to help (bless their souls). So our only opportunity was 2 weekends ago.

Next up is tree removal (since the footprint of the new garage is wider) sometime this week and foundation in the next couple weeks. If we're lucky, this will be completed by the end of summer:)

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