Sunday, December 13

Santa! I know him!

So I was waiting for some good photos before I posted again...I know it's a little bit my fault for not taking any since the beginning of November. Last month whooshed by and now here it is almost Christmas! We had pretty low key Thanksgiving with family and picked up our Christmas tree that same weekend. The kids have been very involved with the holidays this year. They helped decorate the tree and some of the house. They are sure to turn on the Christmas lights when they get home from school. We attended the annual pancake breakfast with Santa at my step-dad's fire station in rural Beechwood. Last year, Kelsey was not on board but she did pretty good this time. Both kids were pretty shy when it came to actually talking to Santa but he knew just what to say to them!

This past weekend was a welcomed break at home before our holiday travelling really picks up. Friday night we celebrated my brother's birthday. Saturday, the kids helped me wrapped all the presents; very picky about who had which wrapping paper and gift tag! Sunday, today, was supposed to be their church Christmas program but Drew got sick during rehearsal and we had to leave :( The preschoolers were just doing a song and a poem but their Sunday school teacher said Drew and Kelsey were her strongest "performers". There's always next year.

Next weekend we head to the Dells to celebrate the Bonin Christmas in a cozy, wooded cabin. We're diligently washing our hands and disinfecting to keep everyone healthy for the holidays!

Sweet girl

Just a little shy ;)

Mr. Benson, not so sure about Santa

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