Wednesday, March 30

Oh Hey, We're 5 Now

This year the kid's birthday fell on the exact day they were born AND it was Good Friday AND it was the first day of spring break! What a crazy couple of days we had! They are definitely at an age where they "get" it - like trying to explain why their birthday is Friday but the party isn't until the next Saturday (to accommodate vacations and holiday plans). Drew was pretty bummed that there wasn't people waiting at home for him when we finished our birthday dinner.

preparing birthday treats for classmates

The kids picked Red Lobster as their birthday restaurant/dinner! Drew ate all his crab legs :)

Classic. Ordered the mac n cheese!

Easter egg hunting in the snow up by my mom at the fire station

Is there a such thing as a non-creepy Easter bunny costume?

Cousins and auntie Tara hanging at grandma's for her birthday (after egg hunting)

Drew got his first gift from auntie Tara - real tree camo for hunting season with uncle Matt

Birthday balloons! (and her cute Easter dress)

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