Friday, June 3

More Grey Hair

It's sort of a rite of childhood...breaking bones, getting stitches. I think my brother fell down the stairs, broke his collarbone and his arm all before he was 5! Kelsey and Drew were goofing around on the couch, doing this thing where they turn upside down. Somehow Kelsey jumped or bumped into Drew while trying to flip upside down and came crashing to the floor pretty hard on her upper arm/shoulder. I was pretty convinced she broke her clavicle by the amount of pain she was in and the guarding of that whole side of her body. It was just me and the kids and we were about to take Drew to baseball practice. Kelsey did NOT want to go to the doctor but the pain didn't get better and she wouldn't even let me touch it. So we headed to urgent care, which was a surprisingly quick process. We were home by 7:30 pm and went straight to bed. She slept through the night and Craig said she woke up ok. She'll push through. She's my tough cookie :)

Thankfully no surgery, just a sling for a couple of weeks. She did well with school and resting and icing it. We will see an ortho doc in follow up next week and see what our actual restrictions will be for the rest of the summer.

Drew has been the best brother-helper too. He will get all the doors, carry her backpack, help her take her shoes off. I thanked him for being such a great helper and he said, "well yea mom, I'm the big brother now." Ok kid, just keep being awesome.

Even with a broken clavicle, she's loving the camera!

"Get well" gifts from Melissa and Erin

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