Friday, August 26

It's Been Too Long!

We have been ZOOMING through summer! Wow, am I sad that school started for Craig yesterday and the kids start Thursday :( I want just one more month!

Kelsey has healed beautifully from her broken collar bone - almost so well that on the last x-ray at the end of July, you couldn't see it unless you knew what you were looking for. She's back to 100% as of yesterday (they really require 3 months of no "contact" activities, so she was supposed to wear her immobilizer on the playground up until today). She really handled it all very well and was her own best advocate; remembering to bring/wear her immobilizer when we left the house and informing other kids that she had a broken bone;).

Drew's baseball season ended in mid July as Kelsey's dance year is starting! This was definitely a learning year for Drew - understanding that he was the youngest and the older players may play a little more and have to take turns more often than tee ball, where EVERY player was on the field!

Kelsey has 3 hours of dance a week - ballet, tap, and jazz. She is learning a jazz routine to Madonna's Vogue, which she will perform at 4 competitions starting in March. She loves it but is also learning that things can be hard and coaches are different from teachers.

Craig and I took a 5 day boat trip and the kids spent some fun time with grandmas and their aunties! They did miss us :) but said they had some of the best days ever while we were gone.

We are doing our best to soak up these last couple days before school starts. This weekend our friends from Colorado are visiting and we are very excited to spend the day at Bay Beach with them. Life is moving at lightning speed and I want to cherish it all!

Drew playing his last game at Helfaer Field

Leaving Milwaukee Tuesday night via boat, headed towards Door County

Some quality time with Auntie Tara

My "fish"! They love the water!

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