Saturday, November 12

October Tidbits

What did we do last month? I'm sure there were just all goes by so fast! Kelsey is in full swing with dance practices. We just ordered her team jacket and will soon receive her leotard costume (I'm almost certain she is doing a jazz dance to Madonna's Vogue. It's all so secretive!) Drew's still doing a little gymnastics every week.

The kids had parent - teacher conferences and they were as we expected. Drew still pouts, throws a bit of a fit, and becomes stubborn and Kelsey is the teacher's pet! (School photos below!)

We had a great time celebrating Halloween again this year. We started by trick or treating at the farmer's market the weekend before and finished by strolling through the rural town my mom lives in. Drew again based his costume on incorporating his power wheels truck. There aren't any sidewalks and the houses can be pretty far apart, so the power wheels is a great way to prevent little tired legs:)

Serious concentration on his pumpkin 

In the lead, on our way to the next house

Candy break

Thanksgiving is almost here! We have some fun family weekends ahead - Auntie Cher and cousin Ella come every year on opening day of deer hunting for the Holiday parade downtown and a sleepover. We are also very excited to start decorating for Christmas - the most magical time of year!

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