Friday, January 20


What the heck, hey? We've been going, going, going since December. The kids shared a cold in the beginning of December, which eventually turned into Drew's first ear infection. Poor kid was miserable until his antibiotic kicked in. Of course it had to be the day all of Craig's family was coming into town to celebrate Christmas. I was hoping he would jump on the upswing quickly because how much more terrible is to not be able to play with your cousins and have fun if you are feeling crummy?

All of our Christmases were fabulous:) It's cute to see the next generation of "cousins" now that all of MY cousins have a couple of kids, participating in their own little gift exchange.

Each kid got the 24hr flu - but in 2 different weeks. Craig and I did not get it (fingers crossed) but some weird germs are going around their school and at my job. We are at an all time high of hand washing/sanitizing in our house.

Christmas Eve morning at our house

Christmas Day at Grandma's

Well, now I'm certified as an Operating Room Nurse - basically this just proves
my awesomeness;)

Went to see Moana over the break - so cute!

Christmas with FRIENDS!! (this is all our offspring)

These 2 sweet girls (who will be seeing Disney on Ice together soon)

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