Sunday, August 19

Lazy Weekend

Craig headed off to another softball tournament in Kewaunee (he assures me that this is it for a while...blah, blah, blah - heard that story before!). So the kids and I kicked it all weekend, keeping ourselves busy. I was able to bust out Saturday -alone- for a couple hours to attend a baby shower, have some mimosas, take in some much needed sun atop a downtown bar. The pictures will show how "crazy" we got!

Kelsey's new thing is to lay across both chairs but then, as you can see, Drew
tries to sit down too. She gave him the "this chair's occupied" tap.


Must have been a good show on Sprout, since she doesn't seem to mind
Drew sitting in front of her.

This looks a little like love but really it was a "Drew Special", which is
tackle anything that walks past him!

Finally looking like a real playroom

She dumped all the balls out, sat inside, and then started putting the
balls back in.

The way you spend a dark, rainy, lazy Sunday afternoon.

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