Tuesday, August 14

More of What's Going On...

Here he goes again; starts out looking totally cute and innocent. It just appears he's found a new fun place to sit!
 Now he's getting more comfortable - what he's really doing is figuring out if he can "fit" his whole body on the ledge.

 But then all that fun led to standing up on at an unsafe height but thinking he's pretty cool!

We celebrated my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday. It was such a special and fantastic day. The WHOLE family showed up - my cousin, his wife, and newest edition to the great-grandkids flew in from Phoenix as the biggest surprise! I bet you're thinking that you are going to see some pictures from this joyful event...well I pulled a rookie move and my camera's battery died after taking 2 pictures! What the wha? I even checked the battery before we left the house, so I don't know if I left it on in my bag or what. Anyway, my aunt promised to email the pics so I'll post them then.

These 2 pics are from Craig's phone. Drew was LOVING great-grandpa's walker and proceeded to push it back and forth in the hall.

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