Sunday, November 11

18 Month Appt

I know, it's late. The kids were actually 19.5 months at their check-up - you would not believe how difficult it is to schedule an appointment after 3 p.m. for twins at this doctor's office!
Well let's get down to the details...
Drew 23lb 10oz, 33.5 in
Kelsey 23lb 12oz, 34 in
I'm not sure if Kelsey *really* is taller than Drew, she was quite squirmy that day. Actually she was downright terrified of the doctor. She sobbed in my lap the whole time. She's so so so shy lately. And to top it all off, they had to get 4 shots. Oh man, I was not expecting that. Thankfully, I remembered to stash a couple Dum Dum suckers in my purse to help them forget the trauma. Poor little Drew's arms are all bruised up.

But let's get back to Kelsey being 92% for height! Clearly she is not getting that from her parents...although I feel I was always "taller-than-others" in school until I hit puberty and STOPPED growing while everyone else continued on. Which is why I have had a LOT of time to embrace my 5'3" stature:) I have to shorten most of my pants, I wear heels when I can, and prefer to stand in the FRONT at concerts!

We had a last blast of fall weather around here this weekend so I took the kids to their favorite playground for a good ole wearing-out. We played for a long time and they cried when I put them in the stroller and told them it was time to go home.

She's picking off the wood chips and throwing them, saying, "No" the
entire way up the steps. Maybe the start of a little OCD?

Kelsey is always on her tummy on slides; smaller ones she goes head-first
otherwise feet first, but rarely on her butt!

Trying to climb up it...

...then deciding it is easier to go down!

*Aunt Mary, I know you will read this...check out the kids' shoes. The birthday gift you gave them fits perfectly for this time of year - we love Croc shoes, fur-lined and cushion-y!

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