Sunday, November 4

Ahhhhh...November Already

I think Craig has finally raked the last leaves for the year. Of course there are a couple trees that have *some* leaves left but there comes a point where you  just have to give up! It feels like we've been working on leaves for 2 months.

Otherwise we had a fairly quiet weekend, which happens when I'm on call so we get to hunker down in the house. I was able to take time and clean parts of the house that haven't seen a vacuum or dust rag in a while. Always good to get that accomplished:)

We are also starting to do holiday visits, gifts, decorating, deciding how to do the tree-thing with toddlers! I think we are going to attempt a REAL tree and I guess we will see how it goes from there!

Just chillin', watchin 'toons.

Found Craig's Brewer "fist" and wouldn't put it down!

Making sure the winter hats fit

Fortunate enough to have pets that allow this!

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