Friday, December 21

And It Begins

We are getting ready to head out and travel around the state to visit family for the holidays, starting tomorrow and ending Tuesday night. I'm making lots of lists and packing clothes, hoping I don't forget anything. We are excited for the kids to understand a little more about Christmas this year.

My sister was essentially snowed-in at our place the last 2 days. She lives an hour away and works in Milwaukee. Because of all the snow they were going to get/got at her place, it was safer for her to stay here and know she would get to work and not have to drive. We only have about an inch of snow; it was mostly rain. But that gave my sister and I some quality time drinking wine and hanging out, like old times.

Drew helping dad

They have recently started pulling the toys out of the toybox so
they can sit in it.

This is a "selfie" of Drew. He has figured out the buttons on the camera
and knows the red light means a picture will be taken. This was the best one!

Another pic of the family Christmas basement. My sister made the
banner and pretty snowflakes on the right.

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