Tuesday, December 4

We're Back

Of course it's been a long two weeks but Kelsey and Drew have been the bright spots in all of this. They have been champs as we spent a week up in my hometown by my dad's and the constant back and forth these past and upcoming weekends.

Couch potatoes

Lovin' the piano at my dad's. They were actually respectful and didn't pound on it.

This "toy" was a hit! My dad was going to give it to the twins at Christmas.
Early present for them - they spent hours in front of it. (It's a bunch of fish that
"swim" around.) Sad that my dad couldn't see how much they enjoyed it.

Another "toy" my dad was going to give the kids. This cool little trike has
a basket on the back so both kids can partake! (Late nights up at my dad's turned
into early mornings with toddlers which equals pj's for the kids until we were
awake enough to start the day.)

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