Monday, August 12

Pardon Our Dust

We are finishing our floors! But I think this is only the beginning of the dust - we haven't even sanded them yet! I didn't say "refinishing" because the wood under the carpet was never stained or poly-ed. So we started Friday night and have pulled up all the carpet, padding, tack strips, and staples in order to move on the next stage (and probably dirtiest), sanding. There are some old stains that we hope will just come out after a couple passes with the sander. The kids were totally freaked out Saturday morning when they saw half the main floor was missing carpet. It's going to require a little coordination and patience to keep the kids entertained away from the living/dinning room, but our carpet needed TO GO! I'll spare all the details of the carpet stains but it made spent 6 years with a dog and 2.5 with babies/toddlers. I hope we are 90% finished with the floors in a week (and more photos to follow)!

These are the steps to the basement which need to be finished first!

Silly kids eating breakfast this morning and watching cartoons

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