Monday, December 9

Hello December, My Old Friend

This year we are hosting Christmas. Since we weren't really in the spirit of the holiday last year, I am more than excited to decorate and put the tree up. We have most of the gifts bought but I haven't decided how the kids will react to wrapped gifts under the tree that aren't for them. Kelsey keeps saying, "Mom, it's Christmastime??" And hopefully we can get her to sing holiday tunes since she has a great memory and an affinity for performing!

We had a nice time visiting everyone on Thanksgiving. The kids are the only "little people" on my mom's side and Craig's family so their presence is requested quite often and they enjoy all the attention. There is even that uncle who digs in his pockets to give the kids money for their piggy banks! On Saturday Kelsey and I helped with Aunt Cassandra's baby shower. Kelsey was so content eating M&M's and watching Minnie Mouse on my phone, you hardly knew she was there. She helped open gifts, sang her favorite songs - twinkle, twinkle and ring around the rosy.

(I started this post a week ago and realize it is OLD! Sorry, just consider it an update!!)

My brother turned 30 this past Sunday, so his brother-in-laws through him a "Beer for Diapers" man-shower and then the ladies came later to celebrate his birthday. We went to my mom's house early Saturday morning and tried to see Santa at the town fire station. Thankfully it was also a pancake breakfast because they wanted no part of Santa. Anytime someone asked Kelsey about seeing Santa, she said, "he's scary." So we left it at that - Drew indulged on 2 huge pancakes and Kelsey ate 3 cups of applesauce and a pancake, so they enjoyed part of the adventure. My step-dad is a volunteer firefighter and Drew has gone to the station with him before and was able to crawl up and sit in all the fire trucks. Then on Saturday he didn't want to leave because he saw the couple trucks left in the garage behind the food and thought that he should just get to sit in them!

The kids making a "bridge" - the theory is good but not the right materials!

Before the bridge collapse and he ended up on the floor.

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