Friday, June 13

School's Out

We were bumming about what to do last weekend because the weather seemed so wishy-washy. So we started out by having dinner at Friday's Front Row, which over looks the field of Miller Park. Drew was excited to be there but also confused as to why there wasn't any baseball being played and "how come Bernie Brewer wasn't going down the slide?" The kids worked off their dinner on the playground in the outfield of Helfaer Field (the old County Stadium). It is really nice play area for small kids - we basically dragged them off it and had to promise ice cream in order to get them in the car!

We also made a game-time decision to go to the Milwaukee Mile for ARCA fest - basically a car show and race. My friend had been talking about taking her 4 year old son there and that they had gone last year. When I heard there was going to be a monster truck show too, I was in. Drew has a monster truck book that Craig reads to him every night and he knows all the names of the trucks - Gravedigger, Jurassic Attack, Monster Mutt. When we got there, they had just started the 107-lap car race. Talk about NOISY!! It was so loud, I put Drew and Kelsey's hearing protectors on before we climbed into the stands - otherwise I was afraid they would be too scared to go in! But they really enjoyed all of it.

Summer break begins at 3 pm for us! No real plans for the weekend, maybe some softball. Since it's Father's Day Sunday, Craig has free reign to do what he wants. (Just hoping not to see rain and 55 in the weather forecast until November:))

Watching the grounds crew work on Miller Park while eating our dinner.

Hanging with Bernie Brewer (they look big/tall in this pic)

SO EXCITED for monster trucks!

A couple of street and motor bikes doing tricks.

Cookies are always good while you watch cars zoom past :)

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