Friday, June 6

The Weather is Finally Here!

We have just been soaking up the amazing weekend weather around here. We've been going for bike rides, jumping on the trampoline, swimming with the neighbors, and the zoo. And Craig is in his last 6 days of school and then all the schedule's adjust again for "summer hours" :) There's no worry about dropping or picking up kids; Craig is more flexible with his hours and then I don't get so anxious about my "on-call" hours. We are also gearing up for the kids to be starting 3K in fall. They talk about school a lot; we see it every day when we leave the sitter's house...but as soon as Kelsey heard that I would not be coming to school with her, she said, "ummm, I dough wanna go to school, mom."

Dad has to push when the battery stops - speaking of, they haven't been charging
all that well, anyone else have that problem? The battery is only a year old.

Went to the zoo to see their new "Sting Ray and Shark Bay" exhibit.

Waiting for the sting rays to swim by so you can pet them.

Watching the Macaques monkeys

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