Wednesday, August 27

Oh Dear

I laugh at myself because I let this blog go for 3 weeks!!! Usually I feel compelled to post when I have collected some nice pictures of the kids doing something new or exciting but I didn't have anything substantial; I guess we could say we were "living in the moment" instead of taking photos of the moment. Anyhoo, I have a couple of cute pics of them over the past couple weeks.

Of course the kids have switched roles and now Kelsey is totally ready for school and Drew is telling us he doesn't want to go; that he is NOT a big boy. I figure the first week will be rough and then it will be part of their routine and they are creatures of habit! We had orientation last night, met their teacher (who is also the preschool program director/principal) and signed up for our volunteer days. Their personalities have switched AGAIN, and Kelsey was much more outgoing, waving good-bye to all the kids as we left yelling, "see you next week!" And Drew was clinging to Dad. Craig started his first day back Monday, mostly meetings for him until the students start after Labor Day.

Last weekend Craig and I took a long weekend jaunt to Vegas to celebrate our friend's birthday. For as quick as it was, we were actually able to enjoy the time away; took naps, ate great food, and couldn't beat the company!

We have lots of fun stuff coming up (first day of preschool, gymnastics, Labor day weekend) so I should have more to report soon!

How does one get up on the window sill?

Hmmm, anything you can do I can do better!

Playing games at our friends' block party

And then enjoying an ice cream sundae

Making s'mores in a purple sequence dress, complete with matching tiara

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