Sunday, October 19

Picking Pumpkins

This past week our sitter took a well-deserved vacation! That meant I took 3 vacation days myself and my mom came the other two days. Kelsey and Drew had mixed feelings about this; they would randomly ask to go to Arlene's house but were also a little excited when they got to sleep in every morning and would ask if we were gonna stay home. I decided to take advantage of the days off and take my turn volunteering at the kids' school. It also happened to be picture day and Kelsey's turn to be the super star. Drew did not fare well with my presence at school. He wouldn't leave my side, he wouldn't take his picture, and he wanted me to carry him EVERYWHERE. There was coughing, snot-nosed kids all around and I seemed to be the only one using the hand sanitizer! Let's just say it wasn't the positive experience I was anticipating. I am going to send Craig next time ;)

The week before they went to the pumpkin farm with their class. They were over the moon about taking a school bus and going through the hay maze. They chatted about their chaperone, Miss Mona and later I found out that she had to carry their pumpkins after the kids picked them out - unfortunately Drew picked the biggest little pumpkin he could find! Such a dude!

So proud

These pumpkins don't sit still. They are moved almost every day.

One of my days off with them - we hit up the Zoo and went to the Farm for blue
ice cream. Thumbs Up!

We watched this handsome little man while his parents went to a wedding at the
Harley Museum. He even attended a birthday party with us.

Trick-o-Treat at the Greenfield Famer's Market! We just love going there every Sunday.
We will be sad when it ends next week

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