Thursday, October 9


The kids have made it through a month of school and are still enjoying it:) They are finishing up colors and are moving on to shapes. Kelsey sings me all the songs she is learning from the teacher. Drew gets embarrassed when she does it. They have a pumpkin farm trip, picture day, and a cool cat party coming up next month. All of these cute things help them have something to look forward to on school days.

We've had to start tricking Drew on gymnastics night. He's always excited to go but if Craig comes in with us, he asks Craig to hold him and then doesn't want to go with the coach when it's time for class. So the last 2 times Craig dropped us off and we told Drew that dad was going to go park the car and meet us inside. By the time we get in, get the shoes off, go to the bathroom, the teacher is ready but Craig waits in the car until he knows they've gone upstairs and into their tumbling room. At this point, Drew is SO excited for class, he practically jumps on the coach and waves to me as he goes up the stairs! I guess you end up doing whatever you have to!

AND somehow the moons/planets/stars aligned just right last week and Drew has started wearing a pull-up to bed. This all came about because I had not checked the laundry and all of his sheets and pads were not clean one night before bed. So Craig had a big talk with him. After a little coaxing, a couple whimpers from Drew, he put them on! When we first started potty training, they wanted nothing to do with pull-ups because they were too much like diapers. I am thrilled he isn't soaking his clothes and bed every morning. He calls them his "diaper undies" and has no issues wearing them every night!

I have no new pictures right now...sorry!

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