Tuesday, November 18

TV Stars

 So our kids go to gymnastics at a facility owned by the parents of olympian Chelsie Memmel. Their instructor is Mara, Chelsie's sister, and she teaches all the younger classes - and is the best because I think I've said this before, but it's gotta be equivalent to herding cats. TMJ 4 news did their preps plus show from M & M Gymnastics center, honoring Mara's younger sister, Skyler, who was signing her letter of intent to Central Michigan University. It happened to be the same night Kesley and Drew have their tiny tumblers class. If you click on the link, thankfully they are the first 'story'. If you want to skip through, they come on at 4:28. They are sitting on Mara's lap on the floor and Drew's willingness to participate is classic class clown status.

Preps Plus

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