Wednesday, November 26

9 Week Adjustment

This is a little over due, since they have been in school for almost 3 months. But we received cute little reports from their teacher letting us know how things are going. And it is obvious which is transitioning better and handling the change with a little more grace:) Having a teacher as a parent alerted Craig to the "creative" language she used. I read between the lines and interpreted what was REALLY going on (and the day I volunteered, I witnessed some neat behavior from Drew).

    Kelsey has adjusted beautifully to our school and classroom routines. She is excited when she             arrives, appears happy at school, and is an active, engaged learner. She has established
    relationships with both teachers and peers.

    Drew has adjusted very well to our school and classroom routines. He loves to be with his friends       and he makes a wide variety of good choices during playtime. He responds well to redirection
    and he is beginning to get used to the length of the school day.

This past weekend Craig's sister and niece came to visit us while his brother-in-law and nephew were hunting. We had such a fun time watching movies by the fire, playing new games, going to the Christmas parade downtown, and finishing the weekend with brunch!! We've been to the parade in past years and the weather was okay - bundled up in snow pants CAN be enjoyable! This year the temp was warmer but the risk of getting rained on was high. We packed hot chocolate and brought the wagon and ended up staying dry. It was a nice parade that lasted just long enough and then we headed to a local burger joint to warm up and fill up :)

Of course, enjoying some hot chocolate

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