Thursday, December 11

Camera Shy

You will see that most of this post contains pictures of Drew. Some days Kelsey just doesn't do paparazzi. She's also not been feeling the best. This winter cold is dragging on a little longer than I'd like.

St. Nick

So last weekend we went to my step-dad's rural volunteer fire station for a pancake breakfast with Santa. Last year, the kids hid behind me and cried when I asked if they wanted to say hi to him. Of course this year I wasn't expecting anything magical when they saw Santa but Drew was in heaven! He's been talking about the big guy for a while so I think he was ready to meet him. Kelsey's first impression was, "maybe later, mom". I didn't push it. Drew was ready to sit in his lap, big toothy grin. Santa asked him about 3 times what he wanted for Christmas. Finally he said, "a blue one." If only it was that easy!! My nephew Benson was with us this year and had his first encounter with Santa. There was some tears but we managed to take some pictures.

Sunday night the Canadian Pacific holiday train was scheduled to make a stop in Milwaukee. We thought it would be a nice quick thing to do with the kids - donate some food for the local hunger task force and enjoy a show! Buuuuuuuuut, it turned out the train was AN HOUR LATE! It was scheduled to arrive at 6:50 (I know, real precise) and we were only going to stay to see the lights and skip the actual show. Kelsey was already sitting/laying on the ground. I'm thankful that I decided to dress them in full winter gear, otherwise there would have been temperature complaints too. Around 7:30 I looked at Kelsey and said, "should we go?" She moved so quick, you would have thought I told her I had cookies:). By the time we made it to the car and drove towards the train station to pick up the guys, the holiday train was rolling in. Kelsey was able to see it from her car seat. We found a place to wait and Drew and Craig were in the car by 8. One of the train cars opens up and there is a singer, which ended up being too loud for Drew's sweet baby ears (like his mom).

Gingerbread house they made with their babysitter Alex

The benefits of Grandpa Irv being on the fire department - private
fire truck tours!!

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