Thursday, January 8

Repeat Polar Vortex??

It has been a strange winter season around here; cold and snowy in November - unseasonably warm and no snow for Christmas - now this! Five days into 2015 and it feels like deja vu a year ago. There may even be some school cancellations due to the extreme cold. We managed to get the kids outside both days this weekend while Craig was snow blowing. Drew woke up a little off Saturday morning and Craig kept telling me he was making all the signs to throw up. And then he did around 7:30. Drew claimed he felt better; drank a whole glass of water and slept on the couch for a half hour and then Craig, acting as the puke whisperer, got up from the table so fast when he saw Drew get off the couch. And sure enough, he threw up again. So he bought himself some snuggle time with me while Kels built a snowman. I fed him a popsicle around 9, then he ate dry cheerios and half of my breakfast. By 10, this kid turned a 180. I don't know what caused the sudden puking onset but this is the third time in 4 months that he's had a 2 puke episode followed by a total rally a couple hours later. One Friday he threw up twice at the sitter's, I took him home thinking it would be a long night and by 5 we were out celebrating a co-worker's going away party.

It's Olaf

We had a low-key new year's eve related to some of our group being on-call but we had a sitter and didn't want to waste it. We went out to dinner with a group of friends and then went back to their condo to play cards and watch it snow over downtown. It felt great to get up the next day and be productive with our day off. I finally had the ambition to find homes for all the new Christmas gifts. And now Craig has two days off, after having two weeks off, due to cold and snow. I'll admit, I'm a little jealous his job includes infamous "snow days"! This time it allowed him to go to school with Kelsey and Drew, which they loved. They came home with report cards too, which I will post more about after conferences next week. Overall they were positive and I can't wait to talk candidly with their teacher!

And now all the Christmas stuff is put away and I am working on the next project/event - the kids' birthday and party and getting them into big beds!!

This is the junk you find when one of your honey do chores is to clean
out the basement storage room.

Doesn't everyone talk to their snowman?

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