Tuesday, January 20

1st Birthdays and Prayers Needed

We had a pretty busy weekend. Grad school started up again for Craig on Saturday. We also celebrated baby Benson's first birthday! It was so great to see how he's grown and what a happy little man he is. What a ham! He was just eating up all the attention and it was a fun party.

For a late Christmas present, Craig and our friend Jason were going to take the boys to see monster trucks at the arena downtown, Well, Saturday morning, we both had texts on our phones from Jason telling us that their son was rushed to Children's. He had a 45 min seizure and a blood sugar of 23. Jaxon has been in the ICU ever since and his parents are still waiting for answers. Things have definitely gone from worse to better but please keep this brave little man and his family in your thoughts and prayers - we love them so so much and to see them go through this breaks our hearts.

I borrowed this pic from Annie. It was taken shortly after the new year.
Drew still went to see the monster trucks with Craig. They had a pretty good time from what I could get out of Drew - he was on day three of no nap :/ We have conferences with the 3k teacher this week and I am interested in what she has to say that is different from the progress reports. They still enjoy school and are learning so much. We are going to give swimming lessons a go starting next week. I've heard some parents talk about the water not being warm enough in the high school pools but it is so close to home we are just going to hope for the best.

Drew wearing his Gravedigger monster truck hat

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