Thursday, March 19

Silly Weekend

Last weekend was our final swim class of the session. I think we are all little happy to be done - the water isn't all that warm and it fell at such an odd time that it kind of ruined the rest of the day. Of course Craig got to miss the last class for grad school so Tara accompanied us once again! We decided to do something fun after and went back to my high school to watch Donkey Basketball. It was very silly to watch the stubborn animals and exciting when someone actually scoring a basket!
4 Donkeys per team

Sometimes pretend driving a lawn mower on your way out of the mall makes your day!

Then on Sunday, we were invited to our first bowling birthday party (also back in my hometown). We talked about it a lot since the kids had never been to a bowling alley and the party was for my friend's 4 year old that Kelsey and Drew had met once. After we got going, there was lots of cheering for each other, laughing, and good times.
Drew doing a crazy dance (Kels is in pink throwing her ball down the Alligator "helper")

Of course she had to have a pink ball, even tho it was 8lbs!

Patiently waiting our turn!!

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