Saturday, March 7

Bring On the Warm Temps

The kids have only had one birthday without snow on the ground; their first one and we were pleasantly surprised that we could take pictures outside and party-goers could enjoy the Spring-like temps. It even flurried a little on the day they were born. (I remember looking out the hospital window and seeing the snow and hoping there wouldn't be too much so that my mom wouldn't have any trouble on her hour drive down by me.) I always think about moving the kids pictures to May so that we can have a better chance of doing an outdoor shoot but we've started making a "special" day out of it - usually we head to Chicago where our photographer lives - and it gets the kids excited as we talk about the city with the BIG buildings. This time last year, there was no sign of temps in the 50's so we knew the snow and cold would still be around. And of course the fact that we are having a "Frozen" 4th birthday party, serendipity would melt all the snow and the temps will be mild while the house is decorated in a winter wonderland! (Or maybe I'm just secretly keeping my fingers crossed that all that will happen!)

We have two weeks left of swim lessons and of course Drew is just starting to get into it. At least they didn't refuse to get in the pool because the water really isn't all that warm. The high school always has a mini snack/concession stand open so we bribe them with popcorn if they do all the skills Miss Sherie teaches them. It also tires them out so there is a guaranteed nap on Saturdays:)

Kelsey placed her baby next to Drew to take a nap with him

I guess this is how one watches Minnie Mouse Bowtique 

And of course this ham said, "mom, take one of me now!"

His selfie with the camera. He LIKES getting his picture taken, unlike Kelsey and
he is very interested in how the camera works.

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