Wednesday, May 13

Wrapping up the school year and preparing for the next one

Three more days of school for the kids! And one of them is an all-day field trip to a farm. While I am a little excited for some of the hustle and bustle to quiet down, I'm sure they will be a little heart broken that school is done. We had 4K screening last Friday at Craig's school. The teachers conduct an informal assessment on the kids and then recommend areas to work on over the summer before school starts. The screening doesn't determine their school admission; they made it clear no one could "fail" the screening. Although our kids were testing the waters - I had to wake them from their nap at the sitters to get to our appt on time. So you can imagine how neat they were after that. Prying Drew out of Craig's arms was like pulling teeth. And his hysterics turned Kelsey into a puddle. Eventually, we were able to leave them in the classroom so we could attend the "new parent" presentation. And of course by the time they brought the kids back to the conference room, Kelsey and Drew had made friends with all the teachers and kids. They love their little preschool so much that this transition to Craig's (all day, every day) school will be an adjustment. I can already see them falling asleep on the car ride home :)

We made it up to Wausau this weekend for the Voigt cousins birthday party. Since their birthdays are about a month apart, my sister-in-law just plans one party - instead of having to try to find 2 open spring weekends! It was so much fun; there were times Craig and I looked at each other and said, "we brought the kids along, right?" They are finally at the age where the older cousins and friends just adopt all the littles and play. We didn't necessarily have to keep an eye on them the whole time - they found us for a change, when they needed something. Unfortunately, the night ended on a negative note - Craig's mom called to say that when they got home from the party they got a call that Grandma had a stroke and was on her way to the hospital. We revamped our Mother's Day plans Sunday morning and swung by the hospital after leaving Wausau. We still aren't sure how bad it is or what residual effects she will have - please keep her in your prayers. Grandma Mabel is the Craig's last living grandparent and who Kelsey's middle named after.

We finally have a concrete garage foundation. After a little struggle with the city building inspector, the concrete guys were able to finish the job. I have decided that we shouldn't build anything, more importantly in Milwaukee.

Everyone sleeping on the way to Wausau! 

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