Tuesday, May 26

Rocky Mountain High

Our first family vacation via flight! It was a rough go to get out of the house - of course both kids decided to nap before we left for the airport. We actually had to wake them so they could get the grogginess out. We were off to visit my oldest and best friend Nicole and the new addition to the family, baby Blake! (I flew out to see them when Blake's older brother, Declan, was born 2 years ago. Now it was time to bring everyone along!) We landed in Denver around 9, which was 10 our time. The kids both fell asleep on the ride to the house and easily went to bed. When they woke up, baby Blake was up and they smothered her with love!! The weather wasn't anything to write home about so we looked for indoor fun. (It had been raining 20/22 days by the time we got there and they were getting cabin fever.) Friday we let the kids get accustomed to each other and then headed to a trampoline park! Saturday it started our rainy but we made our way to the Colorado Railroad Museum, where we got a ride in an old Galloping Goose train, saw model train sets, and garden  trains. That afternoon the sun finally made an appearance and we decided to head downtown for a Colorado Rockies game. They were supposed to play a doubleheader but the rain had already delayed the first game for an hour. The game was actually exciting with lots of hits and home runs! On Sunday, we headed to the park, had some lunch and kind of/sort of forced all of the kids to take a nap. We planned on going to an indoor water park that afternoon and wanted the kids to fully enjoy it. The water slides and fountains were awesome and even baby Blake got wet:) Andy and Nicole welcomed our crazy family into their busy lives with open arms and warm hearts! We had the best time and it was a great ice breaker trip for the kids. Now I wonder why Nicole won't answer my texts...just kidding! I hope there will be many more visits with her family for years to come.

First airplane ride! 

Drew was obsessed with baby Blake, our reason to visit!

Lots of rain meant indoor fun! Jumpstreet trampoline and bounce house park.

sliding down the tiger's mouth

Super awesome train museum with a miniature train garden

One of the best afternoons we had - sunny and 70, had to see
the Colorado Rockies play

Someone clearly isn't as excited for pictures

Declan and Drew playing at the park

Can't beat the mountain view in the background
Waiting to fly home; watching the luggage load onto our plane!

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